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Steam Cats cheat world: if you don't stop enemy before i finish repairing the time machine, we're dead! So don't just stand there, protect me! Let's travel back and do it right this time. Go back in time to save the world. We need to be better prepared, but that should not be a problem for you, big agency CEO. How about some new recruits. Every paw will be helpful.

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Recruit: basic cage, golden, frienship cage. Don't forget to assign the agent to your squad. Only one enemy, and he beats us so easily. We need to use a different element on him. Go get some new recruits. Just the right agent we need! New recruits don't come cheap, but don't worry, i can pull some hack strings once in a while. See? With the right element, everything becomes much easier.

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Elemental advantage: choose the members of your squad cerefully and according to the enemies you're fighting! Each element has a 25% damage advantage towards one element and a 25% disadvantage towards another. Agenst don't need your constant supervision and fight even when you're offline. But only for 4 hours. They collect your loot while you're gone. Trust me, you will need it.

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Your agents don't seem to handle the situation anymore. How about training them a little. Training camp - you can see your characters here and train them. I can extract the precious felinium out of it in the time machine. Trust me, it will be of good use to you. I recommend you to level up ashburn. This won't be an easy task.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: the boss had a lot of great loot on him. Go and get it. The second agent slot just opened up. Two is more than one, i hope you know that. Description: create your ultimate team; equip the cats with legendary weapons; summon 100 different epic agents; collect new ultimate skills and weapons; slay epic bosses and collect loot; protect your home.

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Tutorial Steam Cats (wiki): More new levels, legendary heroes, duels and hack events will be added soon. Offline mode, cheat mode, Mythical Tower, PvP arena, Guild wars and much more are on the way! Manage your epic agents team, evolve and fight against the epic bosses with your clan to dominate the cat world!

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