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Free hack Stella Maiden cheats code list - gold, energy, legendary reflectstar, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Stella Maiden cheat world: from now on, master will help the planets grow stronger, collect resources, and gather the reflectstars scattered throughout the universe to help them grow. Let's try summoning a reflectstar. Different reflectstars will answer your call depending on how many resources you use. It takes a different amount of time to summon each character. Soldiers with larger energy take more time to summon.

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When quickly summoning a reflectstar, you will need a swift summon core. You need soldiers for battles and planet management. If a character is assigned to a planet, you can build facilities there and put the planetunder management. You must construct power plants first because all structures need electricity. When building a facility, you need a blueprint core and time.

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Superspeed design cores' at the top will be consumed for quick construction of a facility. Each star has a limited footprint, and the resources availbale are different. That is why the best way to increase resource productivity is to revitalize as amny planets as possible and secure space and power. It costs resources to revitalize a planet. The costs increase for bigger planets.

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Let's work on the skills of reflectstars which can help you in battle. Press the skill button down below. You can touch the screen to give direct orders or press the auto button to make them use skills on their own. If you wish to change the current leader, you can do so by pressing the reflectstar UI. The screen will move to the selected reflectstar, if you do not know where the reflectstar is you can find them by pressing the UI.

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