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The Outer ring a place far away from civilization and order. Not bound by laws or conventions, independent from the prosperity of the star ring. The most dangerous areas known to civilians. And they call it - land of Exile.
Rangers they are not conventional heroes. Nor they are bound by the laws of the star ring. They are eager for nothing but fame and bounties. Thank to them, however, peace is restored to the outer ring. For now.
We still haven't located the target and we lost contact with Mr. Gilo. The pirates probably "captured" him again. We must do something (use cheats codes).
You are after a wanted target, "devourer Shathek". Your teammate, Gilo volunteered for the scout mission and has lost contact with us. We must follow these footprints as fast as possible and find Mr. Gilo! If we are too low, the Devourer would probably you know, devour him.

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1. AOrYJ8Sm - star coins
2. k4hVyd3y - materials
3. Enter k8GWk5zE - advance
4. Pass 6CWTw3Rx - epic gear
5. vM4h6zld - level up
6. Enter hOPbWw8q - upgrade
7. wzIy85dg - module
8. fKEdMlJq - diamonds
9. FEpb0ADM - packs
10. y8KT9CCp - backpack capacity +100
11. SjL1UG1o - skill upgrade
12. x7VvsWNP - 5 guaranteed rare bounties every day
13. wHmEvSft - game coupon code

Battle basics: Hold on a second! Please choose the control mode, hack tools and movement speed you like. Now tap on the map to make your first step! Before combat, tap the target's avatar to view the enemy's info.
Let's take a quick look at the combat instructions: action bar - the order of actions of allies and enemies depends on their speed. When a unit reaches the right end, their turn begins. You can select a skill to attack, inspect enemy stats, or move your current position. We have successfully raided a pirate. Tap loot all and move all the items you found to your backpack.

Missions Stellar Hunter hack tools: Tap the missions panel in the bottom right corner to see details of the missions available. Tap on our current mission to view the details, This will give you a better understanding of our task at hand. Complete missions will be highlighted on the missions panels. Tap on claim rewards and ta-da! Try to complete as many missions as you can! It will help us increase our fame level quickly!

Cheat code Stellar Hunter - heroes & gear: Gilo is a vanguard who can absorb a great amount of damage. Pull Gilo to the front of the squad. Hero attributes: strength, agility, int, HP.
The Outer ring is a place full of danger. Make sure you are well prepared you embark on a journey. That was a pretty decent piece of gear. Upgrade your weapon to increase your combat capability. Whatever problems can be dealt with bullets are not problems. You can acquire the mats required for upgrades from the store or workshop. When you dismantle an upgraded gear, all mats will be returned to you. So you don't need to worry about upgrading a gear piece at all.

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  • 1. My recommendation is - to carefully read the mission log. Maybe there is some key data to be gathered from all that nonsense? Mission logs are recorded in the lower right in the comm device.
  • 2. Events, cheats: project new star - star ring peace& security commission has decided to appropriate funds in order to help rangers at the beginning of their journeys. Sign in for 7 days and receive rewards daily.
  • 3. Project combat elites: Sindri Co. Has launched Project combat elites for every ranger who works hard on their power score. With our cutting edge gear, you will succeed beyond excellence! Reach designated total s=crew scores to claim the corresponding rewards! Remember, the higher score you have, the better rewards you receive.

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