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Stick Sprint cheat world: welcome to the world of spirits. You will race at tracks like shortlands. Every city has three champions to beat. First up is the rookie champion. Defeat the rookie champion to win his bronze trophy and other prizes. Tap on "let's race" to begin racing. "shortlands" is the shortest and easiest tracks. I'll show you how to race. Swipe once to turn. Your timing is important. Swipe up to change gears and go faster. You'll need to be faster to win the next race.

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Earn rewards by defeating the various champions. Tap on track to see your next opponent. Don't forget to speed up! Earning boxes go into slots. Tap the slot to begin opening. Boxes take time to unlock. Tap on the box to receive your rewards. Cash can be found in all boxes. Buy tiles and upgrade bases. Tile piece - use it to reach new tracks and races. Dirt tiles can only be used on clear terrain. Asphalt corner - use asphalt tiles on grass, rocks and trees.

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You can now build roads on your map. Tap "build" button. Drag your dirt road tile to this clear space. You gained XP for connection. Each time you level up you will earn valuable rewards. Nuts are earned from each city you connect to a base. You can see their automatic earning progress. Increase the earning power of your base - tap on upgrade. Bases will earn nuts automatically.

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Remember, every city has three champions to beat. Asphalt branch - connect multiple cities to a single base with branch tiles. Nuts can earn you extra boxes. Collect these from your bases often. With our epic branch, we can make a new connection. Take on old foes in revenge races. Each special event is available for a limited time.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: oh, no! We're out of tiles. Let's see what's in the store. A free box is ready every 6 hours. Purchased tool boxes open immediately. Gold coins - use them to open toolboxes faster, buy skins and upgrade bases. We have earned an achievement! Go to your profile. Achievements earn rewards - collect it. keep playing to complete them all. Look at your progrees, keep racing to earn trophies and rewards. unlock hundreds of races using the tiles you collect.

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