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First, i will show you how to fight. You can use joystick to move. Just pull left or right. Use attack button to fight against enemies. Use jump button to reach flying enemies. Use dash to move forward fast. Use skills to perform special devastating attacks. Don’t let your HP reduces to 0. You can up charge by hitting opponents. Each charge point is enable powerful buff to you. Now, let’s show what you have learnt.

Stickman Master hack

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This is just the beginning of your adventure! Keep calm and train yourself to be godly. THis corrupted world needs you! Adventure - tap this button to see the map. Tap fight to start your battle. Each of weapons has another experience points and skill sets. Gain weapon mastery experience by killing enemies. Mastery level is the requirement for learning and leveling up weapon skills.

Stickman Master cheats, hack codes

You can unlock and apply new weapon skills (activa and passive). You can customize your skill combination for each weapon mastery. Pick your weapon and level up its skills. Skills: X-slash - the strong light energy of the sword shoots forward causing damage, reducing attack speed of the enemy by 30% for 3 seconds inflict repellent effect.
Choose an item you want to upgrade, tap on blacksmith. Enhance an item to increase its base stat. Upgrade quality of items to add more useful stat.
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You gain charge by hitting enemies. Each charge node enable powerful buff to you. This is buffs you get with each filled charge node: iron skin - armor increases; besieged - damage increased when there are at least 3 enemies within 3m. You can unlock and apply new charge skills. Click on tab to see skills for each charge level. Try to hit enemies as much as you can to maintain charge bonuses.

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