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The ago of purification...Humanity struggles to adapt to a changed world filled with vicious wildlife that threatens its survival. To fight back, humanity came together and created machine life, that overwhelmed nature with incredible strength. But their power was too great to harness and humanity lost control.
With the fate of Tectonika at stake, the light spirit king and the chosen hero fought the machine life, use cheats codes to seal it away. Withe the machine life sealed, peace returned to Tectonica. However, there are still those who wish to see machine life revived. And so, the world awaits the chosen hero who will aid the light spirit king.

StoneAge World cheats, hack codes

1. d/;BatlC - recharge
2. A/i]Ik}t - resources: stones,
3. Enter 1xYb"Nmb - large meat
4. Pass \r_xq7Hm - growth rate
5. yn;*kJts - skills
6. Enter 7. [+EZ_}fc - amulet
8. USM}0Mkn - four village pet costume pack: Cuekabit, Pinkpig, Otutu, Kucoski, Moga family costume.
9. w,?:C:A0 - trainer costume pack% 3 star wings of light, blue gems
10. ?gz[}6BX - secret combination
11. 64tD6poC - pet premium summon: 3 star Tidor, Veldor family costume, soulstone, pet modification stone.
12. ]Mc>eW6* - blue gem
13. c/J/TAUU - ancient artifacts
14. u=MIQWJ9 - gladiator set - a symbol of unyielding resistance against any opponent.
15. KHQ,Z?-№ - core component
16. TumcS№xd - mecha pet
17. {(ak+{W. - game coupon code

Controls StoneAge World: each weapon has a different ultimate skill. Check the element affinity. An advantageous affinity can inflict more damage. A disadvantageous affinity deals less damage to the target. Select NEXT to auto select and attack enemy with an advantageous affinity. Skills become available when energy is full. Use it to attack a target or use cheat code. A green circle will appear when attacking a target with elemental leverage.
If you fail to capture pets in 10 turns, they will run away. An action must be determined within the time limit. The lower the pet's HP, the higher the success rate. Attack to increase the capture success rate! Stones can wear down a pet's HP much quicker. However, capture will fail if the pet's HP falls to 0. Special actions, such as throwing stones, use Vitality. If vitality is low, it can be recharged at any time.

Hack tools, StoneAge World, select a village to begin your adventure:
Marinus Village - warm temperatures and a clean ocean are traits Marinus village is proud of. Married couples are wed every day here in the biggest wedding venue.
Shamgir village - Shamgir the great stopped the danger of the wilds and founded Shamgir Village. The villagers praise his courage and pray to a giant stone statue.
Use cheats codes - unlock secret village.
Jaja - countless scholars have taken up residence in the village of Jaja. These intellectuals study the records of the past to uncover the secrets of Tectonica.
Kartana - a barrier using Sea Urchins of protection was built by the villagers of Kartana, the gateway to Jary island. Jary island is safe thanks to this very barrier.

StoneAge World packs: daily ancient map pack; trainer's rope - once you're tied up, there's no getting out of these! Uncatchable Gigaro's great thief package; space traveling Doravis's astronaut; Undefeated Agoa's star quarterback package; magician Salinail; champion Globgor. Ancient map - shown hints on ancient artifacts.

StoneAge World gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Explore Tectonica and find hidden achievements.
  • 2. Titles grant various stat boosting effects. You can obtain various titles through achievements.
  • 3. Ride the Manmo Bus with a crush and take in the scenery of Tectonica.
  • 4. Use cheats and give rewards.
  • 5. Wind element pets have high agility growth rates.
  • 6. Hold the button to continuously feed meat to your pet.

StoneAge World Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
1. ePsLuoOlltkmpAY
2. 6IGARkZbN6uYB9m
3. MTYC8a2o0AVF4SV
4. xKGh3TNZf6p5F3t
5. 4fWefvjGXplNjBq

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