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This was once a peaceful village. We worked hard but we had everything we need - good food, our families, our friends. We were happy. Then we heard the ancient prophecy. It spoke of an evil sorcerer, Tyrannus, who would bring death, use cheats codes, and destruction upon our way of life. We thought it was just a story. We were wrong. A terrible storm came that night. Thunder roared, lightning flashed, the wind blew hard enough to uproot the trees around our village. Some of us fled. Others tried to find shelter wherever they could.
Then. after the storm passed, they came - a terrible that rook our possessions, burned down what little remained and slaughtered any that tried to fight them.
The next morning, our village was gone. We, the survivors of that terrible night. must now build a new home, use hack tools. But more than that - the prophecy says that Tyrannus will come again one day. And we must be prepared.

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1. v8iXyG07 - remove ads
2. RKPXB79K - diamonds
3. Enter npiePsCF - power-up
4. Pass MBPCqEG3 - unlock buildings
5. yuviUXLP - skills
6. Enter 4C0uea7U - gold coins
7. 7U9TlOpW - upgrade
8. wThO8NMr - new levels
9. MNviXItL - boss stage
10. vf4BK9CM - secret combination

Controls Storm Tale: it's an honor to have you with us. But there's no time to waste. Our people are hungry and unprotected. We must work hard to build our new village. Our first goal is to provide wood for buildings and weapons. We can accomplish this by constructing a Sawmill.
In order to start building, we must collect our first golden coins. Click in the book icon to find about your goals, trophies and more. Click on play to start your journey. Complete the goals listed top to finish the elevel.

Hack tools, Storm Tale, building information: now you have enough golden coins to buy the sawmill. Click the building's icon to see its description, golden price and bonus you get for buying it.
Sawmill - building, weapons and tools all rely on wood for their construction. A sawmill can provide all the wood we require from the trees in the surrounding forests.
Cottages cheat code - provide a safe, warm place to live. Without their protection from the sun, wind and rain, the people may sicken. More than just shelter from the weather, cottages provide them with security and comfort, and give them something to fight for.
Farm - the people must eat, and farming is more efficient way to feed a whole town than hunting or gathering fruit from the forest. Raising a mix of crops and animals, farming will both feed the people and bring them together.

Storm Tale battle: use cheats codes, create matches of 3 or more items of the same type by swapping adjacent tokens. Collect the gold nugget by making matches next to it. You earn 50 for each gold nugget you collect. Enter hack tools, make matches over the golden tiles to collect tile you collect. Bring the chest down to the bottom of the board by matching underneath it. You earn 500 for each chest you collect. Use the diamonds to buy power ups and extra moves/time. You can get the diamonds by buying the buildings and accomplishing the achievements on the trophies section.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Bonus power-up - you can create them by matching 4 or more tokens of the same type.
  • 2. You have completed your achievement? Please click on claim to receive your reward
  • 3. Bring the key down to the bottom of the board by matching underneath it. They key will open the lock and reveal the board’s hidden tiles.
  • 4. Use cheats and give rewards.
  • 5. The sword power-up - it will destroy one chosen token on the board. Tap and drag it over a token.
  • 6. Moves - here you can see how many moves you have left to finish the left.

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