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The player who destroys the opponent's base first, wins the game. Front line – units can only be placed on empty tiles behind it. Play a card – place the unit card to a tile behind your front line. Your front line is pushed forward as your units advance. When you're done, finish your turn. At the start of your turn, all your units move one step forward. The strength icon shows how strong the units are on the field. The speed icon on the card shows the amount of tiles the unit moves when played. Combat – when units move to a tile with an enemy, they will fight. Both sides will lose strength until either one wins.

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Execution – deal 3 damage to a target enemy unit or structure. Bladestorm – deal damage to all enemy units and structures. Personal servers – on play, give 2 strength to another random friendly unit. Dreadfauns – spawn 2 satyrs with 2 strength on random bordering tiles. Shady ghoul – on death, spawn a satyr on a random bordering tile. The mana icon on the card shows the cost of playing the card. Targeted spell – spells have effects that activate once played. Targeted spells are played by dragging it on a target.

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The hearth – at the start of your turn, give 1 strength to another friendly unit or structure. Collector Mirz – as a child, he started his collection with toys and rocks. Now, he is gathering wealth and warriors. Give it a shot. Replace a card – each turn you can replace one card. You do this by dragging the card to your deck on the left side. Finite loopers – on death, spawn a 1 strength construct on a random bordering tile.

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1. cjaWiBccEm - coins
2. Mgxr4OcBeV – legendary pack
3. 5acTVpBo5n – epic cards
4. ucPyTIUQ6Y – gem crystal
5. 0oysutBQ3D - evolve
6. EDShvQpubE - upgrade
7. DPLsaH024b – unlimited mana

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