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You are a common man who hails from a small mountainous region. Your friends and family have died in the wars with the roman empire. Despite such misfortune you have managed to escape slavery or worse. You spend much of the coming years searching for some sort of meaning on your life, wondering why the gods have spared you. You start drinking your heart out. Get into fights, get beaten up. Man Shouting: “have you had enough yet?” Only to go back drinking again. And walk drink in the streets. To find company in questionable places.

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One day as you walk around in your stupor. You come across some sort of combat for coin. You take a look around and see a man of great strength and physique. You ask some of the people around you about who is this man? This Brutus the gladiator, he is champion of the arena. After taking a moment to absorb this information, you feel as if the gods are finally speaking to you and perhaps your fate lies in the arena. You decide to approach the gladiator at his table. How can i become champion? Never lose! There is but one thing in your mind now, enter the gladiator games and become champion of the arena.

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Fight in the arena for coin and fame. Level up to gain a skill point. The maximum level is 20. You can remove a point from a skill and eallocate it. Some battles can be won easier with a different skill build.
Arena: win with 40% or 60% health to get 2 or 3 stars and 10% or 20$ gold bonus. If you use all your energy you become exhausted and get stunned for 2 seconds. Kill 3 enemies and gain a 40% bonus dmaage on the enxt attack.
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Skills: Block - blocks some damage from an incoming attack. upon a succesfull block at level 2 you can attack back and throw all enemies to the ground. Dodge roll - performs a roll movement that is fast and allows you to get in and out of situations and dodge all attacks. Rolls a greater distance if you are running. Run - increases your movement speed temporary. Lasts for 1 second at level 1. Attacks will pierce block at level 3.

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