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Awakening: you wake up confused in a bizarre forest, things are not as they seem and danger lurks around every corner. Learn to survive...
I can’t remember where i was, but i’ve got to get out of here first, find someone that can help. Select your character by tapping on him. After selecting him, you can give commands by tapping on items or areas on the screen. You can also select hero by tapping his icon. You can also drag along the screen to move the camera to get a better view.
What is that, some kind of weapon? It looks so crude but it’s better than nothing. Better take it with me just in case. With your character selected, tap on the weapon to have him pick it up!

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Weapons and items can be used by tapping on the character’s inventory bar on the bottom of the screen. Most of the creatures in this world are hostile. With a character selected, tap on an enemy to attack them. Your hero will automatically defend themselves while standing still. All characters have a unique battle skill that can turn the tide of battle. Tap on the skill button, then target the wolf to use hero’s “power shot” skill!

Strange World cheats, hack codes

A character can hold multiple weapons and items at a time. Tap on the other weapon to equip, or use them instead. You have joined up with Lisa! Her skill has her placing down a dangerous remote controlled bomb. The vehicle will chase nearby enemies and explodes. You can select multiple characters by dragging across the character icons. Each hero in the game has varying stats. Allowing them to excel in different roles. Michael has more health than Lisa, however, unlike him, her default attack is ranged.
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Using Michael to draw the enemies’ attention while Lisa attacks from a distance! To the right of the screen is a blinking icon. This shows you your current objectives. Click on it to view your new objectives. Characters automatically deposit resources to the storage box when their inventory is full. You can also make them store items early by sending them to the storage box or clicking on the “home button”. Once you have collected enough of an ingredient, you can convert it into “food” at the cooking station. Your character will continue to work at the facility even after you close the menu! Food and other items can be made so long as you have a hero using the facility while a recipe is queued.

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Iron, scrap metal and food - we can use these at the base to create new weapons and make better food!
Skills: rushed cooking - produces food faster when working at the joooser. Mini bomber: places an RC car on the floor that follows the mechanic. If it detects enemy nearby, will engage and detonate in range. (deployable unit, cannot be controlled). Robot maintenance: continuous maintenance allows the robot to move 20% faster.
Holographic turret - creates a holographic turret for 10 seconds that damage, and distract nearby enemies. Shock gun - Eva by default is equipped with her trusty “shock gun”, a weapon that deals minor damage, but can hit multiple enemies. 4O3vWV - forge
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Spinning axe - swings his axe in a circular motion around him, dealing damage to all enemies. (deals damage around the character, casting animation, damage is active for a while. Donation - healing items have a reduced effect on Mary. In exchange nearby allies receive half of the original healing from the item. how and where enter

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