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Street Cats cheat world: welcome to the streets of battle! See sack? it's full of juicy fish! But we need to fight for it. Your cat is hungry! We better send him to grab some fish. Tap on him. Now tap on the food to send your cat after it. Looks like your cat is not the only one who's hungry here! And he seems aggressive. We should probably defend! Tap on your cat again.

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Tap again to put your cat into a defensive stance. Great job! We dended off the attack and earned our first fish. But the enemy got one fish, too. The goal is simple - get more food than the enemy to winn.
Let's see what happens if we attack! Tap your cat once more, then tap on the enemy. If you pick the same action as your enemy, the result is a draw.

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Now try to get some food yourself. This is just like rock paper scissors. Attack counters gather, gather - defend, and defend cunters attack.
Uh oh! looks like enemy's got buddies. Let's get our friends too before we get back to the fight. Winning a round earns you caps. Here's a little something for you! YOu will get hack bonuse every day!

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Since you're new, i made a cheat team for you! Let's go try them out against a rela opponent. YOu may have noticed you're also earning prestige.Get prestige code to improve you're standing on the streets, earn prizes and attract new cats. Achieve 500 points to unlock a new pinata! Now lets back to battle and continue to play!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Earn legendary gift by reaching certain Goals on the Leaderboard! Contained within are various prizes - including new Fighters for your Collection! It only makes sense that only the most Prestigious and famed commanders attract the best Fighters the Streets have seen!

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Tutorial Street Cats (wiki): description: original game concept. Legendary cat collection - catch them all. Cats with pursonality. Tacti- cool combat.

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