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Welcome to the comp! Let’s have some training in actual combat. I’ll help you get used to the fight! Break energy tank to gain ultimate charge. The energy tank refreshes from time to time, so don’t miss it. The room is of great significance in the battle. Get inside and you’ll gain vision within it. You can observe the outside from here and even hide from the attacks of enemies. The bush is the best spot for making an ambush, but keep in mind that it can be destroyed. You’d better pay attention to what’s going on out there.

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Now i’m gonna tell you how to win the game. Pay attention! Get 20 points to win the game. Kill enemies and earn points. Match is in progress, and your side is at a disadvantage. Hurry into battle and help your teammates. Rank points - one star will be granted whenever the rank points are full. Match type and map will be randomly selected, with more types being unlocked as your level increases. Tap on the avatar on the left to select a hero.

Strike Royale cheats, hack codes

Characters: Joe: weapon - maverick: this lethal revolver can fire 6 rounds in a row. Only this gun knows how many hopeless situations Joe has gone through. Skill: justice slide - slides forward, causing knock back to enemies along the way. Ultimate: last word - fires a powerful shot in a specified direction, dealing massive damage to all enemies on the route.
Zeth: weapon - shoots rapidly and hit the target quickly. THis gun has saved the world with Zeth, and now it is going to take a new mission. Tactical shield - activate shield, block massive damage for a duration, increase weapon damage by 10% during shield duration. Full salvo - launches multiple rockets, dealing massive AoE damage.
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Active talent: sprint - increase speed for 10 seconds. Static isolation - becomes invincible immediately, gaining immunity to any damage or control effect for 2 seconds. And unable to take any actions during this skill. Gale - releases gale in the user’s site, causing knock back to nearby enemies. Adrenaline - restore HP for all allies within a 10 meter radius and increases speed significantly. The healing effect will be halved if the healing is repeated within 5s. Bloody berserker - gains the effect of weapon leech, restoring HP by 40% of damage dealt.

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Every season has it’s corresponding season pass, recording the season pass XP obtained for the current season; accumulate season pass XP to increase the pass’ level and claim more rewards. Daily quests and challenges grant season pass XP. Level up your advanced pass to unlock more rewards. Login everyday to earn reward, even more exclusive heroes and skins are waiting for you! S5VKsz - supply box
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