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4. uXOjeV7vR9 - artifact
Wow...what a mess! What should we do first? Put out the fire! You wouldn’t want it to spread to the forest. We need a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. There’s one in my backyard. Let me show you around!
To begin, let us select a sweet. The two sweets disappear when they are linked together with a straight line.

Sugar Shuffle hack

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You can also clear sweets by linking them with two straight lines. Practice makes perfect! Let’s select another sweet. You can clear by linking them with three straight lines.
Let us lokk at other scenarios. Select a sweet first. Select an identical one. OOps! You can’t link them using more than three straight lines. To solve this, we need to clear the two sweets here first.

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1. ahqlVGxhcH - level up
2. K4XDsHQ9lM - voucher
3. VgC8d8ibfO - shard
4. IX0Zqneylr - new mode
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Rule number one: when in doubt, clear all obstacles. Now that you have leaned the hack trick, complete the challenge now! Use cheat: horizontal blast - tap to clear candy in a row. Yellow dash - chance ti clear 2 yellow points when clearing sweets in adventure mode. Box dash - chance to destroy 1 boxes. Befriend - chance to get 6 lollies when.
Sugar Shuffle wiki

To become the strongest mage, you’ll need more new spells.
Clear sweets around the ice cube to clear a layer of the ice cube.
How about an ice cream for dessert? Let’s select a sweet, and another one of the same kind. The icon top left corner displays the sweet you cleared in the previous step. In this step, we select the same point you cleared just now, one more - you created an ice cream! Link it up with another candy - cleared its surrounding sweets.

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6 hCGChB46JL gold coins
7 cEd8E5y5GH month card
8 AtZ6DqfpSR premium pack
9 PkiF5S2FT1 evolve
10 JWBk6zn7XU vip ticket
11 NXLpP565BK shards

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can't clear sweets using more than 3 straight lines.
  • Link 2 rainbow gelato to get 1 rainbow sundae.
  • Notice a number on the ice cream? Use the ice cream before the number reduces to zero.
  • Tap the pets button to enter Umi's house. You can manage your pets here.
  • Let's talk about how you can groom your pets! First, tap on the character cards. Tap info for more information. You can feed and evolve your heroes here. Tap feed to fee your pet Biscuits. Doing this upgrades your pet.

Sugar Shuffle tips
Hack cheats tutorial Sugar Shuffle(wiki):
Your pet just got an ATK boost. A pet of higher ATK fights bosses better and clear stages faster. Once you have enough shards, you can evolve your pets to raise their ranks. Evolved pets get a significant boost to their attributes. They also get new skills. Visit Umi’s house frequently to check on your pets.
Get stars as rewards when you clear stages in blue Islet. Stars can be used to develop your base. Earn more stars to unlock special stages. Apart from stars, you can also get gems from special stages.
Sugar Shuffle tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Sugar Shuffle: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, pets.

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