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Free hack Sultan Forces cheats code list - jinn, resources, gold, promo ticket, speed up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Sultan Forces cheat world: the war ravaged ancient city will not be rebuilt in a day. Develop its frontiers, expand your power, and reconstruct this once mighty metropolis. The city suffered greatly, you must rebuild it and reassure the people that peace can blossom once more. Leave the enemy to us, we’ll chase them out for you. We must build a barracks and replenish our forces immediately.

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My Lord, truces allow you to protect your lands from attack. Utilize your truce time to strengthen your forces and protect yourself from further outside raides! You can tain troops at your barracks for a larger, stronger army. To make the most of your time, you can upgrade buildings at the same time as training troops.
My Lord, it seems the city is recovering well under your stewardship. Our scouts have discovered a pocket of Outsider resistance not far from here, please inform the rest of the heroes and meet me outside the walls.

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Buildings: the barracks is where your infantry are trained, upgrade it to reduce the resources required for training, unlock new troops, and improve your infantry DEF (at specific levels). Your fortress is the symbol of your power, upgrade it to display your might.

Sultan Forces wiki
General: Ali Baba - melee hero, a close combat meat shield with very high defense. Not only does he increase infantry attack and defense during battle, but he can improve farming and increase your grain yield too! Hero quote - the force of righteousness will triumph over all. Dunyazad - agility hero who utilizes long range attacks, can deal continuous damage to enemies. Not only does she increase archer and thrall attack during battle, but she can improve silver working and increase your silver yield too! Hero quote - taste the fury of my poison arrows.

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  • Ali Baba is preparing to hunt down the Outsiders, you can enter the Hidden realm and send your heroes on adventures to increase their power.
  • Consume endurance to take part in hero adventures. Tap an entry to assign a hero for dispatch. Tap their avatar to view their hero skills.
  • Each hero has their own unique skills, select your hero well to increase the effectiveness of your march!
  • You can unlock even more troop formations by researching technology at the academy
  • Upgrading a hero's class will increase their power and the number of troops they can lead, it can also lead to heroes gaining new skills.

Sultan Forces tips
    Tutorial Sultan Forces(wiki) :
  • You'll get extra rewards for slaying demons and outsiders inside your own alliance's territory.
  • Use magic potion to reduce the prison sentences your djinn must serve before being sacrificed.
  • Try experimenting with using different djinn; you may discover that some are better suited to certain circumstances.
  • Rage will accumulate during battle. When your rage limit is full, you can unleash special moves.
  • Dragging skills gives you control over where they're aimed, allowing you to focus your power on even more enemies
  • Pick a hero to lead your demon slaying dispatch based on the demon's particular properties. You may be surprised by how effective they are.

Sultan Forces tutorial

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