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Once upon a time, the kingdom and six dragons’ territories were rich and prosperous under the glory of Kuyate Kingdom. With the dedication of dragon trainers’ ancestors, the dragons and human beings have lived in harmony for thousands of years. However, the dark descent rose, glory went out and the kingdom destructed. Justice was cast aside but sin was extolled.
At that time, the souls who were unwilling to submit to the darkness moved far away to a peace land beyond the dark world under the guidance of god...
Now, thousands of years later, the past has become a legend, and the desolate world is waiting for a new hero. Before you become a hero, you need to be a qualified dragon trainer.

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Awesome! I finally can become a dragon trainer, harness my own dragon and explore the ground below. I’m your assistant in handling your daily affairs. You can call me Cheat-on. Well, please cooperate with my instruction next carefully. Or the ceremony of summoning dragon will fail and causes unimaginable magic accidents.
Please sign your code name on the magic covenant first, and then i’ll guide the contract’s magic energy to summon your dragon which was evoked by your name!
You successfully summon Ritchie - the flame Judge! And you just need to constantly improve its level and star rating. That will make your dragon stronger and stronger! Let me show you the changes after its evolvement!

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Master, leave the following battle to your dragon partner! It can attack the enemy automatically and release its active skills when its energy accumulating enough.
We defeat dark discent’s fellow successfully and acquire enough loots to upgrade your dragon’s level! Back to the main world to level up your dragon! Before we start our adventure, please set your pet at the formation to acquire AFK awards.
Summon Dragons wiki
The enemy is the Wind Dragon controlled by dark descent which is restrained by your partner, the fire dragon. Our attack will casue 30% extra damage! Faction restrain deals 30% more damage and increase 15% precision!
After this period of training, your dragon partners can equip spar. Please back to the main city and create appropriate spar for them!
The next battle is an assessment from Dragon trainer guild. Although it’s somewhat difficult, as long as you pass the assessment, you will receive the award from the guild and get a new dragon.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • THe dragon of the warrior's profession is more suitable for the front row.
    Six dragons can be chosen and prepared fro battle, different positions determine the battle formation.
  • Dragons from different faction can form different aura which rewards different attribute addition.
  • Special skill may change your battle style. You can change special skill by upgrade jobs level for unlock skill.

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Venture deep in the hidden maze and discover the secret of ancient dragon souls! Every choice will affect when you loot glittering treasures guarded by bosses.
Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding! You’ll enjoy entirely non-stop growths every time you experience . Treasure is just a click away!
Summon Dragons tutorial

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