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1. bj98MgcF6g - resources 2. svlcL1ELzW - legendary equipment 3. BrNbnsUCw0 - promote 4. hGhQViqSZU - evolve 5. zsoE0bevyn - level up Now we are on our own, Chosen one! Let’s work together to get stronger, defeat Ruud, and save this land. Great Gaia goddess left the halidom ‘Tear of Gaia’ somewhere in this land, it should help the chosen one to gain mighty power. Collect enough “Tear of Gaia”, we can defeat the darkness. Please bring me with you! My healing spell can restore health in battle. Many creatures in the village lost their mind under the dark power. Let’s expel them!

Summoner Squad hack

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We need a bigger gun summon powerful heroes in the mail. You can get a lot of great heroes through store summon. Different heroes have different abilities. O wonder what kind of hero will join us this time. Every player has five free attempts to summon hero every day. Some heroes on the Gaia land are good at magic, some are good at defense, some are strong archers and so on. Choose your line up wisely!

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1. h2kGvwB1oo - activation key 2. WXxWNJ9dU3 - awake 3. hZNKNb5czb - rank up 4. Sq490SqhqQ - materials 5. 4Zt2M6AuQV - stones

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The magic becomes more powerful, and medium and low level heroes inpack can be used to upgrade heroes and increase their power. Click on hero’s avatar to enter hero interface. Click strengthen to enhance character. The level of hero cannot exceed that of the main character. Light up the source of gaia to promote your power.
Summoner Squad wiki
Gaia skill inherit the power of gai, it is powerful enough to destroy the world. Remember to use it in battle. Gaia skills can be used in raid, just click button to release powerful Gaia skill. Remember to release it when monsters are around, otherwise they would not be able to deal damage to enemy. Quests: maximum clear time limit - 300 seconds. Clear in 300 seconds and no hero is eliminated to get 3 star rating. Enter the level to complete explore level, and remember to go back to collect the reward after task completion.

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1 YXAU4t5aa6 orange hero
2 qWonZx41og gem crystal
3 UEAE1fctK7 credits
4 XOsKOY3Uk0 promo code
5 xri5pfFjiv gift box
6 WSXblkmLpI gold coins
7 bN9rY1kZiX month card
8 jZkwYH3jWX premium pack
9 peuLkv4KkT chest
10 gQBNJfqm9r vip ticket
11 USm44gVJ9l gaia source

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Replay prior levels to raise your power.
  • Red quality equips have hidden attributes.
  • You can switch battle mode by clicking on manual/ automatic button.
  • Join the guild to fight the boss with friends.
  • Enhance equips with extra money.
  • Hero upgrade - upgrade to promote hero's basic attribute.
  • Role upgrade - upgrade to gain advanced hero battle talent.
  • Equipment enhance - enhance equipment to promote hero power greatly

Summoner Squad tips
Hack cheats tutorial Summoner Squad(wiki):
Purchase more VIT bread in the shop.
Gaia source - collect resources at Gaia's source and promote all hero power.
Replay prior levels to raise your power.
Quick equip - can equip hero with existing items.
Activate enhance master attributes to promote power.
Gain mysterious gifts from first topup, invite more friends.
Arena - complete and defeat other player to gain upgrade amber.
Train to promote 1 level of hero’s attribute!
Summoner Squad tutorial

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Cadet - young lads who were only trained for a couple of days before being crafted to the battlefield. It’s not easy for them to survive on the cruel battlefield.
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1. v7uw4glREc
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