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Summoner's Battle 2048 Cheats
1000 soul stones - use hack #Tjmwh7OIW
remove x10 - enter pass #N9HFLYvCp
link x 10 - #RGe0LHiQs
100 dice - #Wf4iEFLxp
unlock characters - #vWDv9J2R1
100x bomb - #x8mFPu7Jq
1 Month Card code - #W8sD6TcI4
upgrade cheat - #sLKA7Smgt
500k gold coins - #LS8SUqA7x
100x whirlwind - #KtRqWE2qc
secret combination - #x3YB8uckI
level up - #lAnJ4Qbuz
heal - #iQ2oUeDIF
unlock heroes - #AIB1kF5Kt
promote - #XOOJDnBZ4
poison - #SA0oSLgmc
king skull - #ci6e1lpGi
booster - #tuFoKFcTo
10000 gems - #bdP4xaXnN
special reward - #nzkQp2NYH
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Summoner's Battle 2048 Story
All the animals in this world have been cursed by the demon summoners. Those red eyed creatures are made from the souls taken by evil summoners from animals. Originally, the souls of dead animals must be scattered throughout the world, becoming flower,trees, and animals. If the soul of the animals dies in this world, it will perish. Please help me! Synthesize the collected souls and summon them into purified spirits.
Summoner's Battle 2048 Basics
Combining the same soul summons it into battle. The blue gauge above the creature's head is the health and the yellow gauge is the damage bonus. Creatures will regenerate health and double their damage bonus each time they are summoned. When the damage bonus is full, the damage will be doubled. It will shrink after time, so please summon it diligently.
You can level up your creature with gold. Level up your creature by selecting the creature menu below. Note that if you level up a summoner, it will be summoned to battle as if it were compounded.
You can summon animals and monsters you meet in adventure. When several of the same creature collect, they can be reinforced with soulstone. If you create a level 10 summoner, you can start again without soulstones.
1. You have to beat the boss to go to the next stage. You have to get rid of the boss in time, or you will lose. If you lose, you have to step back.
2. Check out the quest. The more you progress, the more rewards you get. Click the next quest to see the list.
3. Try again by honing summon magic and strengthening summoners. You can choose an adventure menu and continue at any time.
4. Creatures - these are your summoner. There are some that have collected and some that have not yet been found. Collect all the summoners through adventure and magic research.
5. The enhanced summons become stronger as you level up in the adventure by strengthening the basic ability.
6. For reinforcement, you need a summoner's soul card and a soul stone. Soul cards can be obtained through adventure or magical research. Stones - when returning from adventure or through battle of towers.
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Hack Release Date15 September 2020
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