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Summoners Quest cheat world: the world is a highly and throughly mechanized administration society, contrary to the ideal Utopia world, which is a dark world. The world government has been occupied by artifical intelligence, so the humans are no longer needed. For this reason, the population has been decreased to 10 million. Those people who have lost their jobs become stuck on the magics in ancient legends. Finally, a man has mastered the dark magics. The dark magic released by the dark particles in the world has been assembled. The artificial intelligence, humans, and the world are destroyed togheter.

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This is why it has been called the "world collapse" by the later generations. Because of the dark magics, the world is surrounded by darkness. Soon, the nature has spread into the earth. World has become an incredible place for the survival of elves, orc, humans, ancient gods, and heroes. The survived tired people are afraid of the man who can cast the dark magics. The elves and ancient gods fight together, and they have finally sealed this man.
Many years ago... Elves, orcs, humans, ancient gods, heroes are coexisting in world. In order to expand their respective strengths, they are mutually restrained.

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But there are monsters rising in revolt in various places, and the orcs become fierce and brutal. The atmosphere of uneasiness has come...During that time, the teenagers who worship the brave have started a competition of monsters hunting. As the operator of the institute for future warriors, you have started the journey in order to solve the incident and achieve the dream of becoming the strongest warrior.

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Protagonist - an excellent melee expert, full of courage and strength, while charge and killing is his masterpiece.
The important taxes paid to the metropolitan office were stolen. We must hurry to chase the criminal and get the taxes back! Any later, the criminal will be far away. After completing the level, you can get the treasure map, collect enough treasure maps to exchange for treasure chests. When a hero releases skills, it's in a invicible state. In addition to ordinary attacks, you can also launch charge attacks. Get familiar with the swordsman's charge attacks.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Press and hold the screen to charge. When the 0 above the hero's head is changed to 1, it means the completion. After the completion, let go to release skill. The three classes of assassins, swordsmen, priests unlock the dodge counterattack. Rolling to avoid attacks, tap screen - trigger the counterattack. Roll just before the monster attacks. When exclamation mark appears, quickly click on the screen to perform counterattack. Mastering dodge counterattack will make you with might doubled.

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Tutorial (wiki): hero, monster all have element attributes, which shows on the head. The element icon above the hero avatar and the enemy indicates the element attribute corresponding to the character. The element restraint relationship can be quickly viewed bottom. Click on the hero avatar that can be played to switch heroes use attribute hero can cause attribute restraint on the enemy. In battle, you can call teammates to assist, teammates can play for 10 seconds, seek help when necessary. Teammates can help you fight, make the battle more efficient. Hold down the hero and drag it to the battlefield to summon.

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