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Free hack Super Heroes Galaxy cheats code list - upgrade stone, shards, gold, promo ticket, essencia, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Super Heroes Galaxy cheat world: the battle between super world and fantasy world is long lasting. This land is suffering under the war, and here, you are the beginning of the future that people always wanted, the dawn of peace. Captain, it’s almost the time for the final battle between super world and fantasy world. Let’s go, start our campaign! Heroes sacrificed themselves in the battle, we need more fighting force to win the battle. I can summon heroes from other dimensions to assist us in battle.

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He escaped very quickly and should have distanced him Elf from others. We can still out of here before others catch up. Solo combat was never the best answer to victory. You must learn to cooperate no matter how much you dislike the person. The sword of slaughter ( main hero: super captain, vice hero: deadly warrior) Introduction for the skill: a pair of combine heroes on stage, skill will be released once the main hero’s the super captain rage is full.

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Leveling will increase hero stats, but will require expending EXP materials and gold. Level up hero as much as possible. We have to get stronger if we wanna go further. We got to summon stronger heroes. Heroes from the same faction would have more benefits, go check out heroes from which faction are more suitable for our team: super, tale and fancy.

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Upgrade stone can be used for upgrading hero. Upgrade greatly improves hero’s strength. We can increase everyone’s abilities if we have enough shards. We will collect the world heart shard and collect shards to enhance our strength at the same time.

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