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Where am i? Where’s my tent and all my belongings? have they been stolen? Without them, the ancient ruin exploration will...Oh, i still have my radio, it was inside my sleeping bag!
Oh, Professor! What should i do? All my things have been stolen and i’m in a strange place! I never thought i’d be robbed in the jungle. People are disappearing all over the world because of aliens! I’ve been exprecting them to invade our animashphere. You’ve got to go rescue everyone who was abducted!

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I;ll assist you from here on. But first, you’d better leave the area you’re in now. Tap the foothold to enter stage 1. Okey, let’s begin our lesson on reaching the next area. Before you is the rescue machine dingle dangle that i sent you. Use it to jump to each landing spot (take a look at the flag - that’s your first landing spot). You can leave area after reaching each landing spot.

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Next, i’ll teach you how to jump. When the dingle dangle’s pincers approach, tap the screen to hang on to them. To let go of the pincers and jump, simply tap the screen again. The closer you land to the flag, the higher your score. Landing right on the flag gets you a super landing, or a super hero landing. If the spot is close, it’s best to let go of the pincers when it is at the highest point.
Super Landing wiki
Now, i’ll tell you about things i didn’t explain earlier. Since the path to stage 2 seems to be open, let’s head over there. This is the stage preparation screen that appears before a landing. Here are your three currencies: hearts, gold and gems. Bottom - this si the weekly ranking for this stage. The players in your world group are your rivals. Bonus missions - if you meet the requirements during a landing, you earn extra points after clearing it.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • While a character is mid-air, tap the screen to have the character dash to that spot.
  • Dash is a skill used in mid air to move a certain distance.
  • When you tap the screen while jumping, your character dashes to where you tapped the screen.
  • But the number of times you can use dash is limited, so don't waste it.
  • Dash is useful when you need to land near a flag.
  • After clearing a stage, you gain additional points for the number of unused dashes.

Super Landing tips
Hack cheats tutorial Super Landing(wiki):
  • You earn double the landing points at the last landing.
  • Refer to the previous character’s jump trajectory for the next character’s jump
  • You can compete on a special stage and league, and you have to defeat the boss.
  • The higher the level, the more effect and rewards you get.

Super Landing tutorial

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