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Free hack Super Mecha Champions cheats code list - auto aim, crates, gold, promo ticket, fuel, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Super Mecha Champions cheat world: hey, can you hear me? I’m cheat-on, the cutest host in SMC contest, welcome to the qualifying competition of SMC! Please head to the destination! You can use the joystick in the left side to move forward, and swipe the screen to turnaround. Enemy in sight! When the enemy is within tha aiming frame, use auto aim to kill him.

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Try ti launch the scope: use the right hand to swipe the screen, move the aim point to the target, and use the left hand to tap fire button to shoot. Use the healing item to restore your HP. Now call the mecha to start the real fight. You are under attack? Take primary weapon to shoot back! Gatting on fire can deal lasting damage. Come om and try your secondary weapon - rocket barrage. it can deal huge amount of instant damage to the enemies.
Congratulations! You have passed the SMC qualifying competition. Go back to the player’s Lobby, and prepare for the official contest.

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The match will begin soon. Let me show you how to star a match. Tap the map to choose a landing point. Mark it in the green circle. The staging area border will keep moving constantly, and will take damage if step outside the staging area. March towards the staging area to avoid taking damage. Utilize the bouncing platform appropriately to jump great distances quickly.

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When the game screen is stuck, you can try to adjust the picture quality in the settings. Transformers in vehicle mode can knock down enemies at high speed. When Andromeda is hovering in the air, press the jump button again to launch on the ground.
Pilot: Rom - former ace pilot and high level special agent who quit under unknown circumstance. Currently unable to find regular world. Ning - athletic A-student who strives to be Number 1 in everything she does.

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