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Battle menu:
Formation type - the current formation is displayed. Party’s AP: increases as time passes. The amount of AP used depends on the skill.
Break Gauge - by attacking enemies, the gauge will increase. When the gauge fills a certain amount, you can use a character’s Break attack. Enemy’s AP - increases as time passes.

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You can have a maximum of 4 people in your party. Each character uses AP (action points) to attack, and as time passes , your AP will increase.
About controls and AP: as AP fills, an icon will display over characters who can attack.
Control is divided between each button according to a character’s position.
Attack - AP consumption differs based on the skill used.
Control is divided between the A/B/X/Y buttons according to a character’s position. A button icon will appear above a character when they gain enough AP, enabling their attack. They will attack the enemy selected with the directional buttons.

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The amount of AP is dependent upon the skill used in battle. If you deal weak point elemental damage, your AP will recover as a bonus.
Actions: Move/ jump - move around the world using the left stick. Use the B button to jump. Talk - talk to NPCs using the A button. Search - search treasure chests using the A button.
Explore cities and dungeons using move and jump. Talk to the locals and search treasure chests you encounter! Use the left stick to move, the B button to jump, and the A button to perform various actions.
Super Neptunia RPG wiki
Save points - are located in cities and dungeons. Save and load your game progress. View your location and warp to places previously visited. Check your current location using the world map.
Residents with quests - try completing requests from citizens in cities and dungeons. Accept quest - if you do not accept the quest, you can accept it if you speak to them once more. Quest clear - completing the objectives of a quest will earn you rewards.

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  • By speaking to a citizen with [1] displayed, you can accept a quest and gain a reward by completing the objectives. If you do not accept the quest, accept it later by speaking with them again. If the quest has already been accepted, [2] will be displayed. However, you cannot cancel an accepted quest.
  • Within your equipment, there are weapons, accessories, and bracelets. Equipment will not automatically equip itself. it will be necessary to equip them based on the situation, as their strength and abilities differ.
  • Actions: dash with the R button, slash with the Y. With a symbol attack, the battle will begin with a bonus given to the party's AP.

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Hack cheats tutorial Super Neptunia RPG(wiki): Menus: items - use an item when you wish. Status - displays the status of your party and the enemy. Escape - select when you wish to escape from battle. If you press the + button during battle, you can display the menu. The battle will pause when the menu is displayed. Switch between items, escape, and information with the ZL/ZR buttons.

Skills and abilities: within equipment, there are some that add skills and abilities. When learned - if learned, even if you unequip the item, you can set the skill or ability. If not learned, if you unequip the item, set skills and abilities are removed.
Some weapons, bracelets or accessories come with skills and abilities. Skills and abilities can gather experience from battles, and they are learned when EXP reaches max.
Super Neptunia RPG tutorial

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Magic stone switch - find it in cities and dungeons. Complete a challenge by collecting all magic stones in the time limit. Magic stone switches can be found in cities and dungeons. Examining a magic stone switch will start a challenge in which all the magic stones appearing must be collected before time runs out.
You will fail the challenge if you go over the time limit, causing the magic stones to disappear. You can take the challenge again if you were unable to clear it.
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