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Nice to meet you, mayor! I’m your assistant. Let’s build the town of your dreams! Look ,there’s a house being built here. Tap on it to help the builders finish their work. Construction is so fun! Let’s go to the shop and choose another house. Buildings are organized in several categories: infrastructure, entertainment, roads and decorations, city sights, business, production. So you can find them easier. Let’s start off in the infrastructure category.

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A growing city needs an administration. I’d recommend building that first. Mayor, some buildings require completing quests to finish the construction. Find out what you need to build the administration. We’re going to open an administration building soon, and then you’ll be able to build even more beautiful houses. Let’s prepare an area for it and save up the funds we need for the new construction project.

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Tap on the building with a coin icon to collect profits. Buildings produce coins and some useful items for your quests. Tap on the flower kiosk or the icon above it to deliver the goods and open up for business. I wonder when we’ll be able to collect the profits from the flower kiosk? Tap on it to find out! Spee d up the flower kiosk, so you can collect the profits sooner and complete your quest.
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Finally we can collect the profits and the bouquet! Let’s pass it on to complete the quest. Tap on the piggy bank several times to get some superbucks which will help you develop your city.
You’ll need more territory for new buildings. YOu should chop down some trees.
Business need a constant supply of goods, which means we need farms and factories. Let’s build a farm in the city and grow our first crop.

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  • The farm will supply your city with goods to keep your city's business running.
  • Menu - this is the page for your city. You can find information on your city here any time you like.
  • Open a shoe shop - your citizens will be delighted to go shopping!
  • Connect the building to the road so it can start producing profits.
  • You've build a great town and there's a long list of people waiting to move here. Please build more residences to there's room for everyone!

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To construct buildings you’ll need certain special materials. Go to the construction factory to make some resources. The workers will be glad to produce some for you!
The new residents are unpacking and getting used their new home. YOur citizens really want to lend a helping hand getting settled in and have asked if you could present the newcomers with a basket of gifts.
How about we make some brochures about the city’s property market? They’ll be really handy for growing families looking for a bigger house and will help attract new residents to the city!
SuperCity tutorial

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