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Tutorial - a guided training session at the acclaimed combat King institute. Learn the basics of attacking and defending before heading out to face real battle situations. Shoot - press Y (far from target). Aim by holding Up or Down. Ammo regenerates over time. Attack - press Y (near taget). Press Y many times quickly to perform a combo attack.


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Launcher attack - hold Down, then press Y near target. Dash - press Left or right two times quickly. Double jump - press B to jump. Press B again in the air to double jump. Hold Left or right before jumping to change jump direction. Back roll - hold down, then press B. Air kick - press Y in the air.

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Air Shoot - hold left or Right or Down in the air, then press Y. Switch character - tap or swipe anywhere on the screen. Block - hold down. Blocking power regenerates over time. Press Y many times quickly to perform a combo attack. Launcher attack - hold down, then press Y.
Dash/ Suplex - press Left or right two times quickly. Dashing towards a target performs a suplex grab. Jump/ Air dash - press B to jump. Press B again in the air to air dash. Air dashing towards a target perfroms an air grab. Good job! Now you’re ready for action! There’s a lot more left to through. For more training infom hack cheats code, visit the shop and buy combat king magazines.

Battle Skyway - several reports of hostile acting robots roaming around Skyway E75. They appear to be equipped for basic combat. Use of terminal force has been authorized city wide. This should be an easy paycheck!

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  • Combat king - educational magazine for combat enthusiasts.
  • Move, attack, and dodge, all at the same time!
  • Spinning Piledriver - air dash towards a launched robot. Creates a blast wave that damages all grounded opponents.
  • Unlock new abilities and upgrades.
  • Tag team battle system. Beat them Up - non stop fighting action!

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  • Super smooth HD graphics.
  • Take control of two of the finest hunters in the business and battle it out with the robot army. Turn these killing machines back into precious metals and make a profit!
  • Aimed at fans of fighting games and classic beat 'em ups, SUPLEX will challenge you with its unrelenting but fair difficulty.

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