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Survival & Escape Island cheat world: where is this place? Did i just survive? It's a stupid idea. It's a survival game in the title. This is the island to survive. And uninhabited. So you have a goal of survival and escape. And you just saw the opening? I came on an airplane. But it does not matter. If you start right away, it's just an opening that looks it's just not there. Base camp - you can recover your exhausted body of exploration and make the things you need to survive.

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Unfortunately there is still nothing. Of course. I just dropped out but i do not think there's a hotel like this. We have to collect ite,s. I'll make it a bed, a stool, a workbench, a sewing machine, a warehouse, and a place for hobbies. I'm afraid that there are more buildings, but i'll have to wait for updates. From simple food to upgraded dishes, you can make high quality dishes. Fine cuisine is very good because it can reduce your inventory. There is a poisonous food among the food that you searched for.

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There is no direct impact on survival, but collection is a very good hobby. You can reduce the stress by collecting useless items. The basic rule is a graphics mud game. It's a text driven game. So there is no brilliant action. What we have to do in the future is to focus on survial. And find a hidden escape route. It's just a change from a room escape to an island escape. Why? The developer a room escape.

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The whole island has more than 30 navigation places. But the novice kindly stopped the road from starting to avoid dangerous places. It only takes time to move. I will be hungry over time. If i'm hungry, i will lose my stamina. Without strength, survival will be dangerous. Then the game over. YOu can easily meet wild animals. But there are no dangerous beats, so you can explore without worrying.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you manage your stamina well, you will not have trouble finding items. However, since the size of the bag is limited, you will have to organize the items you need. And you can also find hints. There is good information about the map, so be sure to check it out. And in order to find the item displayed by the question.
Combat can be one of three things: combat, hide, run away. The battle can start the battle immediately. If you don not have enough stamina, you may lose vitality in battle. Be sure to check your stamina. If you win the battle, you can get the spoils, judge it well. If you choose hide, you can avoid combat with a 60% chance. Failure to evade leades to battle. The runaway can give up the search and go out to the world map. You can avoid combat, but you'll have to give up the item on the map.
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Tutorial Survival & Escape Island (wiki): the hardest part of this game is lack of inventory. You have to upgrade your warehouse and keep a lot of things. And when you discard the item, you should think very well and throw it away. It may be a necessary item for the scenario.
It's a bed! Of course i sleed well. If you sleep, you can regain a reduced stamina from the expedition. I can not eat food while sleeping, so think hungry and decide when to sleep. And the crucial part in surviving uninhabited is how to manage stress. Meditation can reduce some stress. But you'll have to manage your time well.
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