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Heaven Island, famous of tourism, the most popular resort. But my detective agency receive information, someone is researching deadly virus. So, i sent my assistant to investigation. And today is the day she come back and report.
Well, talk about your survey. Eating food will regain power. Power will reduce by time, when power deplete, your Hp will reduce by time. When your HP deplete, character dies.

Survival Ark Zombie Plague Battlelands hack

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Assistant’s labtop is full of data: people missing, animal attack, the shadow in jungle. These almost confirm my conjecture: somebody is doing virus test on animals. But assistant hasn’t found any direct evidence, i have to go to the island myself. Unfortunately the island was sealed off, so i took a fishing vessel to there after i. My bad luck still works, the storm and engine problem destroyed my plan. I stryggled to get on life boat, but a wave swallowed my consciousness. Then, my story is starting.

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Where am i? I remember tat the ship was sunk. Seems like i was washed up here. I knew those runner is unreliable. I’m starving! I have to find some food. There must be some shellfish on the beach that i can eat. World - tap here to check map detail.
That is the lifeboat of board! Are other people rushed here together? Isn’t my backpack next to me? I have to pick it up. The things are washed away, only a pistol and a wooden stick. There are 6 shots left in the pistol bullet. I have to save it.
Survival Ark Zombie Plague Battlelands wiki
Now i have to find somewhere to hide tonight, better have room to light up the campfire. Maybe i can have a look in the woods. A cave! Finally got somewhere to hide, so lucky me. The campfire was put a few days ago. Seems like someone else was here like me, and stayed here for a well. But he left a few days ago, and haven’t been back. It’s a good new anyway. There’s somebody else here. Besides, i finally get a place to take a break. I have to light up the campfire first, in case the wolves may be here.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Some special creatures is only appear at specific times.
  • Some of the tasks being tracked will mark the target location of the task in the minimap.
  • Cooking station can make food. Food will restore power and some also can restore HP. Food - these icons show what you can make. Right is the data of product. Bottom are material that you need.
  • Store - this is your warehouse view, you can see your items.
  • You can get a lot of game information in NPC.
  • In the upper right corner of the map button, click to view the resource collection area and task target location.
  • Herbs near the cave can restore some health.

Survival Ark Zombie Plague Battlelands tips
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Smile icons - when this sign appear on the character’s head to trigger the reputation system, you can see your reputation here. Different choices will affect the change of reputation, please choose properly.
So i may need repair the workshop and make axe. Wrestle with the horrible monsters, and the human beings who have the ghosts, and the trust of the surviving residents. . It is difficult to escape from the desert island and find the truth. . .
Survival Ark Zombie Plague Battlelands tutorial

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