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Survival City cheat world: finally, we've made it to a safe house my friend. I'm freezing. Hopefully no one lives here. Let's take care of the zombies first. Hold on to your socks, it's not over yet. Huge group approaching. Here, i have a bombshell surprise for the zombies. This grenade will take care of them. It goes boom! It's over. I have no idea what they have against house, i've been trying to rebuilt it the third time already.

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Roxy - when things get crazy, i get crazier. Fight fire with fire, baby! Can a girl get a weapon around here? These zombies made me angry and believe me: they will regret that soon enough. If you want to stay for the night you need to lend a hand/ I want to rebuild my paradise. Step 1: let's build a watch tower! it will help us to see the zombies approach sooner. Unfortunately i can't offer you any dinner, i'm running out of resources myself. i recommend you go out and look for some!

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Just go out and scavenge the area and if you find something valuable you can still say that it was your plan all along. Step 2: now we have to wait! i'll go and listen to the creek. How will you spend the time. Time flies by if you watch our tv programms. You can jump forward in time if you can't wait. But time is always money or hack cheats.

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Finally the tower is ready and it looks definitely quite functional. A bit of paint will make it look much more presentable. Night is upon us. ZOmbies always attack then. My theory: they preferably eat us while we sleep because then our muscles are relaxed and tender. One more thing: always make sure that you have enough ammo for all your weapons! if you don't have enough ammo, not all survivors can fight. The blackmarket sells a radio tower. Maybe it would be a good idea to get it. One wants to be informed these days.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: characters: Mike - used to work on construction sites. Basically he put holes in stuff. He didn't like it very much. Nowadays he puts holes into zombies. He likes that slightly more. Also: his vegan pancakes taste heavenly. Paul - always wanted to make the worl a better place he just didn't know how. He was bad at everything he studied. After the zombies came he finally founf something he's good at: guns! Now he's making the world a better place, bullet by bullet.

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Tutorial Survival City (wiki): Roxy - was convinced that the world is messed up and that everything had to change. Then everything changed and now thing are ven worse. At least now everyone is on the same page about how bad the world is.
Equip weapons in menu or drag them on your survivor to see the stats. "!" - get more info or upgrade your weapon here. Gear setup - this is where i tinker with our gear. If you have a free slot, you should definitely drag a gear on it. You can also switch them out as you please. I once used a flare to lure a cute zombie dog. it was a hurtful mistake.

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