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Survival Island Evo cheat world: by the year 2079 humankind had populated the entire surface of the planet Earth. People thrived and basked in glory as the conquerors of nature. But the conquest of nature had its consequences. Poisonous fumes and slags filled the atmosphere. Still, far from everyone prospered in this world. Most were forced to lead a miserable existence, working to provide a gilded life for the high and mighties. We were trying to cope, we built purification plants, but their power was not enough until we started fueling them with Pridium - a very rare and valuable mineral, that became our panacea.

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Pridium sources depleted too quickly for us to be able to completely purify the atmosphere. And so, mankind embarked on a quest for new sources of the precious Pridium. We, desperate adventurers, stepped into the portal one by one, hoping that we would be fortunate enough to end up somewhere in a place where we coul find Pridium. YOu never know what the final destination will be. Am i the lucky one?

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Open building menu by tapping the build button. Build four floor elements. Close the building menu and craft a stash. Wooden chest (a small stash) - you can store here something that won't fit in either your bag or on your back. Tap auto button to make your character gather resources automatically. Disable auto mode by tapping the auto button again.

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Tiqual atoll - tropical island that looks serene and peaceful. Good place to catch your breath, gather some basic resources and enjoy the view. Pocketful of loot - craft a bag to have more free space for the goods you find on the island. Wooden club - simple weapon, copying both it's form and the main use from similar weapon of the aborigines.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: use joystick in the left of the screen to move around. Come closer to the chest, there might be something inside. Look at the chest and tap use to open it. Tap take all to loot everything from the chest. Open inventory to equip items you've found. Equip machete, shirt and pants by dragging them to the slots. Gather three piles of resources from the ground.

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Tutorial Survival Island Evo (wiki): Hatcher is a great tool to chop threes. Open crafting menu to craft it. Come closer to the tree to chop it. To chop the tree down, hold use button. Islands are full of hostiles, you have to learn to defend yourself. Hold attack button to hit pirate and kill him. Then open store to claim your reward. Walk over to the building site.

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