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Captain, thank god you made it back alive! Is the situation out there as bas as everyone is saying? Things keep getting worse. I suspect there is someone pulling the strings to create this chaos. Killing monsters and drinking beer are my two favorite things. You prepare my beer, and i’ll finish off the monsters. Our inventory check found that our wood supplies are too low. We will need to construct more lumberyards. The wasteland is getting more perilous daily. Let’s keep Clark inside the base to work. Sending him to work at the Lumberyard will help us increase wood production.

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There is a large group of monsters outside descending on our base. I have no idea where all these monsters came from, all i know is that i will soon turn each of them into pulp! While hero is in his element crushing monsters, it’s vital that you spend time developing the base. Growth quests - Here are some suggestions. We are all grateful for your protection and support Captain, you give us hope.

Survival Fort cheats, hack codes

The bakery provides food for your base and troops. Upgrade your bakery to increase food production and reserves. Our base is secure for now, but in this unpredictable world we cannot rest on our laurels. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, we must be constantly vigilant, and resourceful. Even in times of calm, we must continuously be collecting resources to upgrade our base and provide for our residents.
A ghastly noise can be hear outside the base. Develop heroes in order to take the fight to the monsters and clear them out.
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Please click on the mission guide and we will add heroes to the whole. Remember, When a monsters’ rage meter is full, the counter will be replaced by a demon icon. This means that it will launch a powerful attack on its next turn! When a character’s portrait lights up, it means their ultimate skill is ready. Match more pieces in a round to deal more damage! When a monster’s counter reaches 1, it will launch an attack on its next turn!

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Your mission is to protect and bring prestige to the survivors. You will need to build multi-purpose Fortress, fight powerful monsters and fierce enemy clans, and join alliances with other players to defeat ever more powerful foes and collect increasing rewards. iY4Dzt - supply box
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