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Hello sailor! It seems to me that you’ve got lost in these boundless seas. Would you like to accompany John Silver’s parrot captain FLint. In return, i will help you to survive in this cruel world. Well, it looks like you are completely out of stock. Let’s start with resources. I saw some barrels nearby, maybe there is something in them.
While you were working, i flew around the territory and noticed some floating resources in the ocean. It looks like the remains of your boat. Click on the hammer and then go to the tools section.

Survival Island Ultimate Crafts hack

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Make a hook and try to catch floating resources. There are a lot of palm trees here. Let’s cut down some of them. You can do something with them later: make an axe, cut down palm trees and take it. Now look for the flatland on the island and make the foundation for the future hut. Click on the hammer to find the foundation in the construction and improvement section.

Survival Island Ultimate Crafts cheats, hack codes

Hey, what are you doing? Don’t look at me like that! I’m your friend, not food! You’re lost a lot of strength! It’s time to eat, make a grill and cook the dinner: make a grill, a fishing pole, catch and cook the fish. Satisfy your hunger by eating the fish.
You’ll feel thirsty after the fish, but i don’t recommend drinking salt water from the ocean.
Survival Island Ultimate Crafts wiki
It needs to be cooked. Look for something suitable in the building section: make a water filter, a glass, get a glass of water from the ocean. Boil water in the glass and drink it. Now when we’re full and you aren’t trying to eat me, let’s make the house a little bit better.: build 4 pillars on the foundation, built the walls.

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