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So, you are the one who has awoken me from my mystical slumber. THe one who has been eternally bound to me. The one who is called survival. I have a question, but one that is rhetorical! How would you like to live forever? The answer is you have no choice! Now, in our great conquest to conquer this world, i will need you to prove yourself. Not to me, to those witches. It’s really the only way for us to get more power. Oh sit, someone’s at the door, act like you’re not talking to a book.

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Oh my god, you’re still alive? Sorry to keep doing this, but i need your help! There’s one of those nasty looking bastards out here and we have to take them down! You’re bleeding! YOu’d better use bandage to patch yourself up. You know, this wouldn’t be a bad spot for a camp. You should build something. And it also wouldn’t hurt to have a weapon. This place isn’t too bad afterall. If we had a bucket, i bet we could build a well here. You might want to try scavenging nearby for one.

Survive Together cheats, hack codes

Base buildings: gunsmith - you can’t always rely on scavenging possessions from the dead. Sometimes, you will have to craft your own weapons if you want to survive.
If you plan on surviving, you’re going to need water. It’s time to head out and find what you need. Well - dehydration is your biggest concern, especially when fighting and travelling, so reliably having a way to access water is important. Collect water if you plan on venturing beyond the safety of your camp.
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Weapons: simple machete - is a useful stealth melee weapon as it deals a silent blow. Especially effective against spitters. You’re going to want a gun for ranged attack. It might just save your life. Shotgun - it deals a high damage scatter shot. It’s useful for tanking. Especially effective against mimics.
I have a reward for you. It’s a companion whose fate is to be one with yours. You just have to get him. And you might want to do it soon because he’s in a cabin that is being overrun by zombies.

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