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Surviving Titan Game story: good to see you back on your feet, the ships logs said you spent three days in the revival tank. I have no idea how you got yourself into there but it is a miracle that you did! Well, i did introduce myself, but you were playing the unconscious card in there. I am the ships survival helper and rescue droid. Let’s just stick to Shard. Yes, you are in an escape pod. Keep up! We landed here almost four days ago. The ships logs are unclear, it seems you initiated the launch sequence manually. The pod has been broadcasting an emergency signal ever since, we have received no signal back. Four days without a signal does not bode well. we are going to need to start planning for the long haul here.

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Well, exactly what it sounds like, the pod has limited supplies, we are going to need to find more. First let’s work with what we have. Go and open up the supply chest over there and grab everything you can. You have your survival gear equipped! Now it is time to check the pods system terminal, we need to know which system are functional and which are damaged. Head over to the terminal and click on it. It should fire itself up!
Okay you got the latest update from the terminal, it looks like good news. No critical systems damaged. Most objects can be interacted in the same way, just tap on them! It’s time to see what we are really dealing with on the planet.

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This planet is full of life and the air is safe to breathe! First things we are going to need some tools. A simple axr can be crafted from wood and rock. Search around the escape pod for some wood and rocks. Now that you have the raw ingredients for a woodcutting axe it is time to craft. All you have to do is hit the crafting tab on the top right, then select the woodcutting axe and hit “craft”! With the woodcutting axe you can collect wood quickly from trees. It can also be used as a basic weapon if anything attacks us! Craft workbench - used to craft many different objects and items essential to survival.
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The next step is to get a pickaxe! This will allow us to mine nodes for coal and ores. Now the real work starts! If we are ever going to make it off this planet we are going to need to start smelting some ore into bars which requires a furnace! Once you have enough stone and coal use the workbench you just placed to craft yourself a furnace - capable of regining useless ores into workable bars, that will allow us to craft an array of weapon, tools and armor.

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