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Cheat Survivors War hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Survivors War Cheats
super worthy package - #rMXdzMnGX
Clara the avenging bride - #Lwsk327sX
500kk gold coins - #RfqNsPZ22
5000 stamina energy - #QzbwR0FOL
speed up - #VATDuGOhb
artifact - #tSFXpmXp2
1 Month Card code - #1QT0jE78i
upgrade cheat - #cP29DsSl9
10x game speed - #QjxJptwX5
legendary hero - #QApzPntuR
secret combination - #PpyYp5aPH
level up - #ql0jGu02t
epic weapon - #klVFrVrKm
restore HP - #TRwWTsWgx
5000 diamonds - #triSKzVXD
booster - #yIMG4jhtE
special reward - #JwitFDLkk
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Survivors War Story
The hummingbird corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the world. Its political and financial influence is felt everywhere. Unknown to even its own employees, its massive profits are secretly geenrated by: genetic technology and bio weaponry. Money breads desire, betrayal, and conspiracy. An "accident" eventually leads to a worldwide outbreak. Walking corpses have overtaken the cities and countries, one after another...The civilization we once knew was no more. Survivors gather together to seek sanctuary and hope. However, the undead is not their only enemy in the apocalypse. Other factions are forging laws of their own.
Survivors War Basics
We have to fight our way through and get to the CAMP asap! Tap begin to start the combat. Tap hero portrait to put character on the formation. Heroes can cast their "ultimate skills" when the rage bar is fully charged! Martial - it’s suggested you put him at the middle spot of the backline to make the best use of his ultimate. Survivors - a group of people who have gather together to find sanctuary, hoping to rebuild humanity in this post apocalyptic world.
1. Have you heard of the road to vip quests? Free vip experience and more rewards are waiting! Complete quests to prove your worth! Gain free VIP exp along your journey to unlock useful.
2. Vip 15 perks: unlocks the reinforcement feature; new scavenge mission increase up to 10; hospital gold yield increased by 100%; unlock raid for alliance hunt; idle farming hours increased; daily arena free challenges - 7; extra hero EXP, gold yield - 200%.
Character menu - tap the portrait to sse detailed info. Let's tap "level up" to strengthen hero stats. We've gathered some gears along the way. Let's try "auto equip" to put the gears on character to increase stats.
General poster - can be used for general recruitment at the radio tower in the camp.
Patch Version
Survivors War Redeem gift code
1. TOH9VJr0P0jb57A
2. su1IzoFqshnxrG4
3. A0KMWiQXeXrhRQ4
4. 5uhihftUSH9aziD
5. BouSJ4xZFzaExjB
Hack Release Date13 September 2020
Last Modified13 September 2020
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