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His majesty’s Chancellery welcomes you. our king requires heroes to complete a most important mission! It is urgent that you hire one in the guild. To hire a new character, click on the guild icon. For now, your fighter couldn’t cope with an angry beaver. But training and trials will forge them into a real hero. And you deserve a reward! Heroes shouldn’t just hang around all day. It makes them fat and obnoxious. Send your fighter out to explore the magical forest.

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To send your character off on an adventure, place him or her on a horse in the stable, and choose a place to explore. Heroes pursue their adventures on their own, without troubling you for directions. At least your unit didn’t cut and run before even approaching the forest. They certainly have potential! Your hero is wounded. Go to the church. But keep in mind, treatment is at your expense. The treasury isn’t a bottomless well. How do you see why the treatment is so expensive? Our churches can treat any wound in seconds. Even mortal blows.

Swag and Sorcery cheats, hack codes

The villagers are complaining that your character is walking around naked. To solve the problem, collect three chestnut logs in the magical forest. How you can build a smithy, and the blacksmith will make armor for your fighter. It will protect them from injury, and make them look even more courageous. To construct a new building, click on the corresponding icon on the map. The smithy processes ore into ingots, which can be used to craft weapons and armor. Your hero hasn’t ever forged anything before, so let them start with something simple - militia greaves for example. It doesn’t matter if they turn out crooked - it’s your character who’s got to wear them, not you.
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To begin crafting items, put a character in a building. Your fighter is so frail that the greaves just fell right off them? Well, that happens sometimes. Build a training camp so your character can beef up. At training camp, characters can improve their attributes - for a fee. At the training camp, you can raise a character’s level and develop their attributes. As you might have guessed, you’ll be the one who pays for the training. It’s time to send your fighter for training and raise their level. If you suddenly run out of money, you can always extract resources, craft items, and sell them at the market.

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