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Thank the Goddess, you've found your way to us. Welcome to Forest World. It's good, that you are here! A long time ago, a Mystical Creature attacked us and almost destroyed our whole world. All of my fellow Swarm friends had to flee...As you can see, the Minions of the Mystical Creature are still in our world. They occupy our buildings with their roots to feed the Mystical Creature with our magical energy. But I knew you would come here! You'll rebuild our Ruins, collect billions of Gems and raise our Fighting Power. Together we will defeat the Minions of Mystical Creature to free our world! This is a Mine - the place where I'm collecting Gems for you. you can click on the Mine to see how many Gems per second you get and Upgrade it. Upgrade it to level 10 to get a huge increase of income as shown on the top by the fillbar.

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