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Cheat Sword Master Story hack android, ios code

Hack tools menu
Hack Sword Master Story: cheat List
reinforcement scroll x15,000 - use hack YmZSdF8uB
gold x900,000 - enter pass Ry92XKmCJ
shards x1,000 - Fv2CCRtVB
5 star summon - jXtDiuNm4
ruby x5,000 - 4Py5PXNHf
awakening cube x30,000 - UbxAWlZci
Month Card x1 code - nwPntBvuR
upgrade cheat - u2ULbZQGz
daily gift bag x10 - LOShAN883
secret combination - C6weaPQvq
level up - L5WGSabnU
ultimate experience potion x30,000 - qolfnXFhE
unlock costumes - xOnZbA5EG
stamina x500 - 5JMWswFck
obsidian key x500 - NcgyL9cMM
diamonds x4,000 - UGPV4iyTQ
moon pack II - FtTksAH7Y
4leaf clover x1,500 - XmKEQc93N
rare soul x3,000 - FjJW7zH1X
5 star accessory box - 5k0Yg6lx3
4 star character summon ticket - HmARyuwxR
premium refining scroll - YFHQzoXVT
transcendence scroll x5,000 - 1ys4bqyjF
special reward - sMq08OAaN
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Cain was the only "swordmaster' in the empire. His presence was the key to the Empire's peace. People believed the Empire would maintain the peace for long time. Until Cain was betrayed. Traitors immediately started the war with the kingdom. Ares was the one controlling the situation. Injured, Cain hid in the temple of Athena. Athena, returning from the goddess' Tower, met Cain.
Sword Master Story Hack Basics
You just started the first battle. The battle will go on real time. A' button on top indicates complete auto battle mode. Even the skill will be used automatically. Use quit button to stop the battle and go back to lobby immediately. Resources earned will not be saved.
Increase damage: you can also change the item option on the right to a strong one through refinement. And if you get the same item, you cna transcend and make it stronger. Even if you just have a weapon, the overall attack power of the team increases, but the higher the transcendence value, the higher the attack power.
Hint & Tips
1. Switch on/off the HP bar of characters by touching the double sword icon on top right.
2. Gives 25% additional damage to the enemy who has a weaker element.
3. There are different summoning action for higher grade.
4. Gather 2,3,5 pieces of equipment of the same type to activate set effect.
5. Receive daily support items according to achievement level.
6. You can reinforce your stats with gold in the 'reinforce' menu. At first, it increases by 1, but it also increases by percentage, so it becomes effective later. If you need more money when reinforcing, go to the gold dungeon.
The selected hero's information appears on the right side. Lv. Up - you can level up your character with this button! leveling up requires EXP potions or cheat code for hack tools menu. leveling up improves your stats a lot.
Skill - with this button, you can raise your character skill level. Skill up requires awakening cubes. You can get the awakening cubes in an adventure. or in 'dragon hunting' in the battle menu.
Reinforce - you can enhance your hero's stats with this button. You need gold to reinforce. For reference, in the case of leveling up or strengthening, if you keep on pressing the button, it will automatically go up.
Hack tools Version
Sword Master Story Redeem gift code
1. 2mt8hHUfEaxGdVo
2. fWho2BuUDwEXBU1
3. PXJdevg8QvtZFgC
4. Rf6tGuaBw882JjN
5. P9ICJ3fciD1VWx9
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date11 October 2020
Last Modified11 October 2020
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