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. Android game Sword and Magic cheat hack code - achievement point, honor,gold coins, wings, mount, gems crystal, treasure, star gacha, griffin soulstone (New York, Unated state).

Warrior with a big sword in hand, wearing heavy armor as transformation of strength and courage, they survive in battlefield attacking the enemy, just like hurricanes tearing enemies apart, like lights shining upon teammate. Assassin – all his life known as demon hunter, living in the darkness, their swift skill can send your soul to heaven. Mystery magic ruler, controlling the ancient mystery power, once entered into their area, will be greeted with fire that burns everything or cold that makes your soul frozen. Enchantress – graceful dancers, behind the elegant posture, beautiful appearance concealed a mysterious power. Sometimes do not like violence like an angel, sometimes devious as the devil.

Sword and Magic cheats android, ios hack codes

Sword and Magic –  hack codes
Some ten thousand years ago mankind is no longer being manipulated...Battle to control world broke out between God and Demon. The heroes fight with angel and demon in the void. Ten thousand years ago, countless souls fall. War ends in Holy summit. Archangel Curt already taken the power from Abyss lord, surpass God and demon. He became the most powerful presence in the world. At last, the heroes, after sacrifice many things, win the battle against Curt. The world entered the Heroes era from the Gods Era. How to attack – click automatic skill to attack target.

Sword and Magic - secret code hack tips

Sword and Magic –  cheats secret bug
Just walk to side of weapon rack, you can automatically collect. Meteorite command skill – summon meteorite to target direction, dealing damage and hit enemy along the way. Burning Hand – burning all enemies within a straight line, damage gradually increase, total add 240 point fire damage. Wood characters are effective in the watery region of Aria lake. Note the difference between red and blue souls. The conditions under which each typre of soul drops are different. Tap and hold hero's icon and then drag up to use a powerful skill.

how to enter hack cheats Sword and Magic.

1. 5H9s999FAN – achievement point,
2. 4lEe1VXBha – honor,
3. sYePEBthYv – gold coins,
4. eHprTYMBha – wings,
5. Wedn1yxZsR – mount,
6. WLYHiGFyBS – gems crystal,
7. Wrtn8Ua8P7 – treasure,
8. pioJJXi3rm – star gacha,
9. gMXZkju8lM – griffin soulstone

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