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In June 2026, a company named Rath was developing a new Fulldrive system. I was testing their new device called the soul translator. The researchers at Rath believe that the flickering photon inside our brain cells is the human soul. That aggregate of photons, or what might be the soul, was dubbed “fluctlight” by the scientists. The soul translator (SLT) could read and write the information of fluctlights. It’s an innovative FullDive system with a featured function called “fluctlight acceleration”.
In just a few minutes, people could experience a few hours, similar to a dream. It allows you to experience much more of the virtual world compared to the actual time diving. I got a request from Kikuoka from the Ministry of Internal affairs, and tested the system for three days. I dove into the STL’s virtual world, Underworld. Compared to the AmuSphere system’s VR world, this one exists in a whole other dimension.

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel hack

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It was so advanced that at first i didn’t even realize that it was virtual reality. Due to confidentiality, all of my memories, except those from the start of the test, are blocked. But, i am almost positive that this VR is underworld (cheat code engine). Then one day, i woke up in this world and couldn’t log out. When i awoke, i encountered a young lumberjack. He took me to a nearby village called Rulid village. Rulid Village has over 300 years of history. All the villagers could hold natural conversations with one another, something that’s impossible for NPCs. I, and Eugeo and the other residents exist as being raised in this world. In other words.. I’ve come to think that theya re artificial fluctlights, copied souls of new born babies.
Eugeo’s goal is to go to Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel Centoria to search for his childhood friend Alice, who was taken away when they were young. 6 years ago, the two of them went to the Northern cave together. They accidentally entered the Dark territory, which is against the Taboo index. She was taken away to Centoria by the Integrity knights, a group tasked with maintaining order. There days ago, i was careless and told Selka about what happed to her sister Alice. Selka left the village and set off the End mountains. She was then captured by scouting Goblins from the dark country. Thanks to the cheat code and the ability to activate sword sword skills in this world, i defeated the Goblins and save Selka. But even when Selka used her Sacred Arts skill to transfer my life into an injured Eugeo, i didn’t wake up. And at the very moment i felt death approaching, i felt hands on my shoulders. I felt an immense power spread to every corner of my body, and we were able to safely escape. My mind was filled with questions. I needed answers, and i needed to find a way to log out.

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel cheats, hack codes

Swipe to move across the field to your destination. TO move backwards and forwards, swipe up and down. Select the enemy that you just attacked! Tap attack to fight the Goblin! Once you finish your move, the Timeline advances, and it becomes the next character’s turn. By using up MP, you are able to use sword skills. Sword skills have different cooldown times, and the amount of time until your next turn will vary according to which one you choose.
Normal attack: slash attack (weak) on single enemy. Horizontal A: slash attack (strong) on all enemies. The Goblins’ attacks have reduced Kirito’s HP. Use sacred arts to heal him! Use a skill to attack all enemies and defeat the enemies. When a skill is selected, its description will appear. After confirming the skill’s effects, select it. Missions: use incarnate skill 1 or more times; complete without any character dying; defeat the boss at S rank or higher.
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Let’s scout for companions to accompany us to Centoria! Please tap the cheat code scout button. Each character has a cost value. Your party’s total cost cannot exceed your “party cost”. Let’s add some more characters. Tapping “auto party” will automatically create party with your remaining cost. You can specify different conditions for auto party to use when selecting characters. Tap “quest” to advance through the story. In quest mode, you can take other players’ characters into battle with you as supporters. Playing quest mode requires AP. Your AP recovers gradually as time passes. Let’s test out party you just created in a quest.

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Kirito: an “unregistered unit” who found himself on Underworld. He is imprisoned in the Central Cathedral for violating the Taboo index by harming the life of another, but escapes. He is rescued by Cardinal, and learns how this world came into existence. In order to defeat administrator, he learns the perfect weapon control art and recovers his sword - “the black one” - from the armory.
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Let’s create a party who will take part in combat! You can set up to four attack characters and two reserve characters. Each character has a cost value. Your party’s total cost cannot exceed your “party cost”. Add some more characters: tapping “auto party” cheat will automatically create a party with your remaining cost. You can specify different conditions for auto party to use when selecting characters.
Switch combination hack codes - if an incarnate skill is activated when another ally’s turn comes before an enemy’s, “combination skill” activates. During a switch combination, sword skills can be used without using MP, and at the very end unleash “final attack” for additional damage. You can use attack, assault, and break skills to reduce enemies’ incarnation. When you select a skill, the estimated amount your enemy’s incarnation will be reduced by is displayed on-screen. Break skills in particular can greatly reduce enemies’ incarnation.
Lower your enemy’s incarnation before their skills is activated to reduce the amount of damage received. Using cheats and skills Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel of the same type in succession gives you different bonuses depending on the skill type, and activates skill link.
Kirito can use his break skill on his next turn, and it’s his turn to move. In order to activate skill link, use stay to wait behind the next character whose turn it is. Next, use the Break bonus from skill link to lower the enemy’s incarnation to 0.
When the enemy’s incarnation drops to 0%, Knockback will be inflicted on them, and their skill will no longer be activated. Continuing to use a charge skill will make storing incarnation easier in skill link. Try using rotation to switch with a character with a charge skill. Try using rotation to switch with a character with a charge skill. For skill link bonuses, use the suitable charge skill to store incarnation. how and where enter

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