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Tactics of War cheat world: welcome to new android game, the game that is always playing, even when you are offline. This game is currently in beta and will constantly receive improvements and new features. We're super happy you are joining us on this journey, the beginning of a new adventure.
Guilds are a gathering of people who unite under the same banner, helping you in fighting dungeons and giving you guild chat to share moments in! Choose to either join an existing guild or create your own.

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Flame weaver - free hero, for generations the flameweavers have tamed their enemies through an inferno of flames. With their ability to summon fire they create explosions and ignite energies in others, making them extremely dangerous in combat. While they look human, there is a demonic spirit feeding the flameweaver with great powers.

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Let's get you oriented. By controlling the victory point, we reduce the enemy's morale. Once their morale runs out, you win the battle. Since the enemy has a unit on the victory point as well, it's considered contested. Nothing will happen until one of the units is defeated. You received a chest as reward for your victory. Let's use rubies or hack cheats to open the chest immediately.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Join a company with your friends and fight against them in friendly battles. Try pairing a tank with a heavy gunner to maximize their damage. Savoteur is every HQ's worst enemy, if he manages to get that far. Upgrading units and commands makes your army stronger. You can also manage your active sqaud here. Upgrading costs gold, and we just spent everything you have! You can earn more by winning battles or hack.
Tactics of War tips
Tutorial Tactics of War (wiki): controlling the command point will speed up spawn generation. It's a requirement to achieve victory. In the commander's club, you complete with other commanders over victories! Win the most matches today and earn the top reward, full of shiny spoils of war. Remember, assassins move hidden until it's time to strike! Her first attack deals extra damage.
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