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Takashi Ninja Warrior Game controls: Stealth - take down unaware enemies by killing them from behind. Conditions: 1. When stealth text appears above enemy. 2. When action button appears on screen.
Dash ability - use to dodge enemy attacks and counter them. Conditions: When a red attack hint appears before enemy attack. Information: During dodge you are invulnerable to enemy attacks. You can dodge in different directions with movement controls.

Takashi Ninja Warrior hack

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Sword amulets can temporary give your sword a natured power up. There are different types of amulets available in the treasure chest throughout game. You can increase amulet duration in skills upgrades. Each action will consume your stamina, wait for your stamina to restore.
Pray to Shido’s shrine for daving checkpoint and restoring health. The last shido’s shrine prayed to act as a check point. Praying restores your health. Ypu can upgrade your character level at shrine.

Takashi Ninja Warrior cheats, hack codes

Daily reward - a great way to collect free gold. Daily rewards can be accessed through main menu. Each reward is awarded after 24 hours. Be sure to claim daily rewards after every 24 hours. Player statistics: vitality, stamina, strike, magic. Tap and hold attack button to perform a thrust attack. Scroll - for the one who’s seeking our strength, one of use is in Tochi’s Leap valley, short way in the back of King’s Dojo. All of us will be revealed after each defeat.
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Land of Tochi is in grave danger. Takashi fights for honour by defeating the fierce monsters and uncovering the deepest secrets along the way. A marvellous fighting game where a legend rises for his people in the medieval Japan.

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