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Taken Souls Blood Ritual cheat world: twenty years ago a wave of murders rolled across our city. The murderer was extremely brutal, and left no clues. I was a rookie then, but i remember well how all the police in the city were on their toes. The citizens were frightened, fearing to leave their homes. We looked everywhere, but found no trace of the insane killer. Fortunately, luck was on our side and we picked up the criminal's trail. A few long days later, he was caught.

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More than twenty years have passed since then. These are events from another life. The case was closed long ago and buried in the police archives. This morning, i was told of a murder at the bridge. I left the house as soon as i found out. The man who committed this crime must be found and brought to justice.
The exclamation point next to a character means that you can start a dialogue.

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You are finally here, Sir! I managed to detain the culprit. He's been conveyed to the police station. Don't worry, i haven't touched anything here. I've just been waiting for you. All the areas which seem importan can be phototgraphed (tap the camera).During focusing, catch the moment when the circles match. As soon as the frame turn green, tap the focus area to take a photo. All photos are kept in your diary. Tap the diary to open it.

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If you have trouble locating an item, you can use a hint. Picked items get into your inventory. YOu have found the first evidence. The collected clues are stored in your bag. You will learn how to analyse the evidence in order to proceed with the investigation. Hidden object scenes are also indicated. Tap the area to zoom in. When you locate a hidden object scene, you will see a list of items you have to find. Hidden objects can change their shape. Pay attention when looking for these objects.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: detective, i think you forgot to inspect the crime scene with your ultraviolet lamp. You can reveal prints using a UV lamp. Slowly move the tube over suspicious areas to make the prints glow. Keep on collecting prints to improve your detective skills. You can upgrade your toolkit at any time. Visit the detective shop to check the options. Having bought the hat, you can find out what action will affect your karma. Once you collect all evidence, go back to the police station and interrogate the suspect.

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Tutorial (wiki): tap the arrow to pass to another location. Help - your object in a mini game is displayed. The gargoyles move up and down. You have to arrange them in a certain order to open the lock. You may restart a puzzle. If you don't want to play a mini game, tap the skip button when it becomes active.

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