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In the imperial court of Japan, a very long time ago. After many feuds, the relationship between China and our nation, Japan, is finally back on track. In fact, to celebrate our new understanding, my counterpart, the emperor of China has even gifted me this sacred animal - a giant panda from China, a symbol of peace. Gardener! I entrust to you the difficult task of caring for my pet, by growing a beautiful bamboo garden for him.

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Now we are well on our way to cultivating plots of land. Irrigating them and growing one of the three kinds of bamboo that this panda loves so much. I feel we shall have much on our hands with this sacred animal and his taste for crunchy stems and tender leaves. I am counting on you! The person who grows the most bamboo and best manages their plots all while satisfying the panda’s enormous appetite will win the game.

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2 to 5 players complete in takenoko. Each must complete a series of objectives to earn victory points. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins. At the start of the game, each player receives 3 objectives. You can perform 2 different actions in each turn. Let’s start with the first action: placing a plot. A plot must be: adjacent to the special pond plot, or adjacent to at least two plots already in play.
In classic Takenoko games, a weather die is rolled at the start of each turn. During that turn, an effect is applied based on what you rolled. Storm - put the Panda back on a plot of your choice. Clouds - choose an improvement from those available. Sun - +1 extra action (different from the other 2 regular actions). Rain: +1 section of bamboo on an irrigated plots of your choice. Wind - you can repeat 2 identical actions this turn.
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With cheat codes and the cloud, you can choose an improvement. There are 3 types: Enclosure - protects the Bamboo on the plot it is on. The Panda can cross it and land on that plot, but can not eat the bamboo there. Fertilizer - increases the bamboo growth of the plot it is on. Every time the bamboo grows, 2 sections are added instead of one. Watershed- gives the bamboo on the plot where it is located all the water it needs. The bamboo now no longer needs to be irrigated.
Plots increase the playing area of the game. They can also grow bamboo in their own color once irrigated. Now let’s pick up an irrigation channel - irrigate the plots whose edges they touch. When a plot is irrigated for the first time, a section of bamboo will grow on it. Plot objectives show a pattern of 3 or 4 plots (all of these plots must be irrigated). If this pattern appears in the bamboo garden, click a second time to complete the objective.

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Panda objectives show several colored bamboo sections. If these sections are in your reserve, the objective can be completed. You have no more objectives in your reserve? Draw a new one from the pile. You can choose one card from the 3 objective types. Please note: your reserve can only contain a maximum of 5.
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The game ends when a player completes a certain number of objectives (depending on the number of players). The player who completes the last objective wins two bonus points. The player with the most points wins the game. how and where enter

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