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Westaria is famous for its warriors, especially for its infantry. And the sacred magic of the Lord's church ideally amplifies with them. The Duchy of Westaria is located in the western islands. It was always safe from the troubles of the continent. But here they come. My Lord! The neighbour strongholds were seized by undead! We must defend your manor castle! Select the castle. Well trained Guards are ready to protect our lands. Press the Guards button to hire your first squad. Undead forces are advancing, my Lord! Drag the Guards icon onto the enemy squad to attack it! Hooray! We've re-established the order, my Lord. Now you will constantly gain gold. Use it to hire Guards and Archers. Unfortunately a castle can't support more than 2 squads. But if you seize his town you will be able to hire more squads.

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hack Takeover RTS Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): It was a gloriuos battle my Lord! Now you'd better leave your troops in the town for a while to let them restore the town and to reinforce the squads. After that, kick Undead out of the nothern castle. The Crimson Horde was conquered by the Empire ages ago but they never were fully bent. Havoc reigns in Rivadis. And these barbarians are trying to seize our land. Horde barabrians occupy a well fortified castle in the north. More bad news: our camp can't even supply a squad. But farms can give us additional supply points. Select build site and press farm constryction button. Well done! Now we can hire a squad and start our attack. Our generals recommend to attack the Magic Tower first. You will spot some Orges on your way. Defeat them and take their treasure chests. It's better to gather 2 or more squads. You can select multiple squads by dragging the selection box over their icons.

cheat Step #2: Friendly priests have survived the enemy assault and offer their help in battle. Set the Banner of Consecration in the battlefield and your troops near the banner will be healed. Our generals recommend to attack the Magic Tower first. It will be better to gather 2 or more squads. You can select multiple squads by dragging the selection box over their icons.

code Step #3:Magic Towers grant powerful magic and sacred might. Special units can be hired here as well. Moreover, magic towers recharge your ultimate power. Click it now to unleash the power of the Lord! What a blinding light! Avatars of the Lord came to punish the heathens! Let's wipe the barbarians off our beloved land.

Takeover RTS Step #4: We wage a crusade against the fifth in the name of the Lord. City of Westport is well fortified against a direct attack. But we can use limited forces to create a springboard for our advancement on the continent.

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