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Tales Arena cheat world: hey, come on quickly. Now the situation is getting worse. What did you say? How did you forget to participate in combat and how to fight? Well, it's okay. I'm the smartest Sgt. in the training. Just follow me only. Lesson 1: fundaments of battle are resources. Let's go, mining some minerals. The war with the enemies never ends in ARES continent.

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Gathering resources to continuously support troops is fundamental of winning the battle. This is just between me and you, i was originally a soldier. I don't know if you've heard of 'iron pants' but i got injured while operating that thing. So i'm just a worker now. Okay, this is the castle, our main base. You can hire more workers like me from here. Touch the castle. To summin a worker, touch the goblin icon.

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Minerals are ridiculously heavy are basic material for weapons and armors. We carry them by hand to the castle. Each worker mine 8 mineral at a time. I would recommend hiring about 10 workers for the best. Now we've gathered some minerals, we can operate the base. You need to build a barrack to summon troops. Good commander deals well with workers. Touch the worker.

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There is gas geyser next to minerals. Well, how do we get gas? First you will need to build the gas refinary station. Drag and drop buildings icon to the desired spot to make selected goblin starts building. Now, do you see where gas comes out? You can build a refinary there. Touch the goblin icon to quickly select workers. Build more barracks if you have plenty of resources. Troops can be increased faster that way.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: touch summon button to select all barracks to summon troops. You can gather summoned troops at where you want with "rally" button. This is not a time to laugh, hurry and summon the troops. Select building, will see icon of units that can summon. Touch desired unit icon to summon troops. Troops can be summoned within the card deck selected only.

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Tutorial (wiki): i'll teach you how to control multiple units. You can control multiple units by rubbing the screen once. Double tap the screen to make an attack order. There are more enemies spotted on the map. Please summon more troops to defeat them. Touch all troops and select all troops including reinforcements. Touch the all troop button 2 times, all of our troops in entire map are selected.

Tales Arena hacked Tricks: At tales arena you can hire mercenaries in card form. I hear there's a new unit coming in every week, so try forming your own units. The castle assigns the mission in the name of campaign. If you buy and apply a new unit card with gold which get rewards from the battlefield, you can summon it from the exchange center. To upgrade unti, you need 5 kind of stones, which is easily found in the chest. However, every 3 level requires a promote and requires more a unit card.

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