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Free hack Tales of Guardians cheats code list - gold, energy, legendary hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Tales of Guardians cheat world: day of disaster on the wealthy land of Fenicia. Suddenly, one ominous gate appeared out of nowhere. As the gate opened, the symbol of disaster - Denephris, appeared, the era of peace has came to an end. Denephris succeeded in opening a tunnel that links the underground world "Reyard" and "Fenicia". The one who once sealed the Denephris in Reyard, the great one, in order to shut the calamity gate, has started a great battle again.

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However, the resentment of Denephris who never gave up after a long period of growth, has become an extremely powerful evil force. This powerful force can be used to even complete with the power of the great one...beyond the dimension, the world begins to distort as the fighting grows stronger. At the same time, Athena, who belongs with the great one has been ordered to guide someone and descends to Fenicia.

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The dark forces are approaching! The new world is in jeopardy! Now it's time for you to save it! Tap map icon to elminate demons. Tap change formation to add hero in the battle team. Drag hero to put in team or change position, drag hero to blank space to remove from the team.

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Instructions: challenge 12 palace for plenty rewards. The higher its level, the higher its rare drops rate. Enter mystic trials to get amounts of qual. Upgrades material. Daily chances are limited, so don't miss it! When you fail on challenge, train warriors or equipments first before rechallenge. Activate 4 rune slots to advance your hero.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: awaken can increase your warriors star. The higher it is, the better its growth rate. Collects variety of warriors to activate fate skills. Increase warrior skill level for more cooler skill effects. It can also increase your power. keep collecting heroes for chances to activate fate and get bonus attributes.
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Tutorial Tales of Guardians(wiki): Join guild to battle alongside your friends and gain many guild benefits. Guild memebrs can fight together for array leader boss. Winning battle for abundant rewards. Daily water your world tree. The higher its level, the better rewards you can gain from watering. Advancing artifact will consume artifacts of the same type.
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