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Tales of crestoria Game controls: let’s start with a normal attack, your most basic action. After all the characters in your party act, the player turn will end, and the enemy turn will begin. During combat, your party and the enemy’s party take actions in turn. A turn ends when all party members have taken an action. Let’s try an arte - a more powerful technique than your normal attack, cheat code - 8z2sfJ.
The Artes button you just activated is now darkened and there is a turn count on top. Each arte has a number of turns, or cooldown, that must pass before you can use it again. Once the number reaches zero, you can use that arte again or use hack tools.

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Artes have different cooldown times, so think carefully about when to use them. When attacking, the elements of the attacker and defender will greatly influence the amount of damage dealt. Attacking an enemy with an element vulnerable to yours will result in more damage. “Up” Appears for enemies weak to the selected character’s element.”Down” means they’re strong to the selected character’s element. Once you lock onto a target, you can make fouces attacks on it. You can also target an enemy by tapping its status bar. Use an enemy’s weakness to deal huge damage.

Tales of crestoria cheats, hack codes

Allies and enemies of the attributes in the battle is becoming very important. Attribute correlation diagrams are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Next, let’s change our target so Cress can also hit a weak point. Either tap the enemy directly or tap their status bar to change targets. If a character is targeted by an enemy with a weak element, they’ll take less damage. As long as it’s your, you are free to change the actions your characters take. Use cheat code jQe6DQ - as your party’s actions build up the hit counter, they generate a damage multiplier for your party’s future attacks.
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Thanks to the damage multiplier created by your hit count, you were able to deal a lot more damage with your powerful arte. Use the hit count and hack tools wisely - action order matters. Your hit count will build until the player turn concludes. By planning out who will act when, and how, you can deal much more damage per turn. A character’s over limit gauge will build with each action. Once the gauge is full, the character can unleash a deadly mystic arte. Actions that build your ol gauge faster: - using codes;
using an element the enemy is weak to;
delivering a critical attack;
inflicting break;
delivering the final blow; By planning your actions to best fill your over limit gauge, you can utilize more mystic artes.

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