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You have completed chapter 1 holy orchid institute. Tap the avatar on the upper left corner to adjust the resolution through system settings. The training ground is a very dangerous place. Let’s recruit some more demon spirit masters to come with us. Look, a stray scythed horned sheep! Let’s defeat it! Background introduction: the ill tempered scythed horned sheep can wave their giant horns to deal large scale AoE damage. Nie Li is a tank. His special ability will overpower the enemy. Huyan Lanruo is a summoner. Her special ability deals great damage.

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Upgrading codes will greatly increase your demon spirit master’s power. Select silver egg cheat and upgrade with the cute little white duck. Press the level up button to upgrade hero. Do not be obsessed with chasing after demon spirit masters of high rarity. It is entirely possible to maintain the strength of your squad simply by arranging your formation in a sensible manner. If you’re familiar with the demon spirit masters’ abilities in your formation and enable to synchronize their attacks well, you wound be able to unleash devastating combos.

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The six states were known together as the little world. The sacred continent was one of the six states, a place which housed a myriad creatures, bound by the laws of the heavens and the earth.
Tales of Demons and Gods Pre register cheat code gift pack is9oWX: we are honored to offer you to the pre register gift pack hack. You can form a strongest demon spirit lineup of your own. Have a nice game experience. Gift pack: Xiao Xue, advanced recruit voucher, golden egg, gold coins, dreaming beauty, animitta elixir, meat bun.
Heroes tier list: A fox bear - is a type of demonic beasts that carries an herb basket on its back. Tehy can heal wounded allies.
beehive - the giant beehive in the training ground can deal full screen damage.
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Tales of Demons and Gods Ancient sages comprehended and developed methods of vanquishing demons and manipulate spirits. They were capable of fusing demon souls and take their forms to gain their edge. They were known by later generations as demon spirit master. If you’re able to position your Demon spirit mastery sensibly, it would be easier for you to clear stages.
Tap the characters that have an exclamation mark above to fast travel to their plot destination. When you need to repeat easy battles, you can turn on 2x speed and the auto battle function to save precious time. Please arrange your formations in a sensible manner and spread your Demon spirit masters out as best you can, to avoid having your entire lethal damage from huge AOE attacks. Defeating enemy units in a stage allows you to get soul energy.

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In years past, the demon lord betrayed the city of glory and established the dark guild. The guild unleashed massive numbers of demonic beasts to assault the city of glory. While mages are capable of dealing high damage, their comparatively frail constitution means that they need protection from front-row units. Please take note of that. “warriors” are front row damage dealing fighters capable of making up for lack of damage in your formation.
Reward information from any unofficial sources are all scams. All players please do not fall for such attempts and be inflicted with unnecessary losses.
Powerful back-row “mages” with massive AOE output can cast powerful attacks to destroy enemy formations in a blink of an eye, making them frightening beings. Tb6rYk - jewels
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Tales of Demons and Gods Character tier list introduction: SR hero Xiao Ning’er - as the virgin daughter of the Dragon family, she treats others coldly, giving her the nickname “ice beauty”. When sending Ye Ziyun, she was named “Goddess of the Holy Orchid Institute”. how and where enter
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