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Sorry, i was wandering again just now. I’m administrator, and i was drawn into this world by the same rift in time and space like you. Tap the enemy, you can set fire at it! Release the unique skill to attack enemy! There are too many pirates in the town, it’s too dangerous to be alone. I will get more help in tavern. Use cheat engine - one legendary hero.

Tales of Edeland hack

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The bounty token issued by country is used to encourage explorers to kill monsters and keep the peace.
Shake once every day to get corresponding multiple times items reward. 7 days later, you may obtain milllion gold coins.
Lower experience potion can be merged into advanced potion.

Tales of Edeland cheats, hack codes

Characters: Mage - the cold looking mage has unexpected powerful AoE ATK ability. He is the nightmare of enemies in battle. Warrior - he grew up in shadowy ruins of lawa region. He fights bravely just as fire and has bright disposition. You can always trust him. Gunner - a gunner with rocket artillery will certainly frighten all enemies. She is known for the title Elf song and won all others in arena. Priest - the gentle light heals every wounded hero. Priest is indispensible in a team. Growing up in Edeland, she dreams to be perfect idol.
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Game description: lovely cute companions - fight with epic heroes to save Edeland. Varied unique costumes - dress your characters to be focus of all. Cool superb mounts - explore a vibrant open world together. Powerful social system - chat, dance, love, adventure is full of fun. Breathtaking faction combat - lead legions to become new faction head.

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