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Some say the world is coming to an end. Maybe they are right. For more than a year everything has been plunged into chaos. THe sacred holy empire of Abel, once a symbol of power and stability, has fallen. Broken and fragmented, the nations that were once part of it sought after the empty throne and now the shadow of an insane war threatens to engulf everything. Oblivious to the conflict, the order of Nathanel, founded centuries ago to keep humanity safe from what lurks in the cheat night, continued its restless fight against the dark.
Over the ages the order waged countless secret code wars, always hiding from mankind that the monsters who walked among us, our darkest fairy tales, were still there. And then, two days ago, something unexpected happened.

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While the order was negotiating a way to stop the upcoming conflict with the warring states, the Red lady, a high ranking member of Nathaniel, stole one of the artifacts that the organization had sealed in the dark long ago. The Byblos, a book written with the blood of the founder of the order. Nobody knew why she took it nor the importance of the artifact, but I, Cheat-on, leader of Cheat code order, did. Understanding what was at stake, i was forced to send the best agents of the organization to recover it at any cost. As fate would have it, amongst all of those agents it would be the girl with no name, a cursed child bringing calamity with her, who would find it.

Tales of Radiance cheats, hack codes

Press L1 to perform an assault against a far away enemy. You can use or equip consumable items in the equipment menu. Select the “0” in the neutral skills and assign magic beam to it. If you have no other active skill assigned to that button in the combo skills area, the skill will also be assigned to the combo skills area.
Exchanging from one character to the other in the middle of a combination is the best way to increase the damage. You can exchange from a target enemy to other moving R.
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Use cheat code from time to time. It may help you in your missions. The assault attack is the best way to start a combo against far away enemies. Use breaker attacks to pass through enemy defenses. If an enemy or area is too complex, visit other places to level up and prepare yourself. Heard of hero shards? You can fuse them to get new heroes. You can make grand summons with summon scrolls. Apart from summon scrolls, you’ll also get one free grand summon attempt each day.

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