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Hmm, you’re a new face... Ah, you must be the aspiring summoner that’s visiting Trumvon for the first time. Ho ho, you’ve come to the right place. This is the very summoner’s guild that produced lan, the legendary summoner. I’m sure you can become a great summoner like lan if you work hard. But no matter how talented you may be, a summoner is nothing without pet. Come back after you capture a red wolf and i’ll promote you to a summoner. Oh, that’s right. You might want to stop by the cooking lab before you go. And before going into battle, don’t forget to equip your items by going into the menu on the top left corner.

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Quests: complete quests to earn rewards. Learn skills - learn passive skills for your summoner to become stronger. Donate - items to earn contribution points. Guild store - buy items with contribution points.
Cooking lab - you must be the aspiring summoner that just arrived at the guild. The master gave you some small meat? Okay, that should be enough to make a meat rice cake. I’ll teach you how to cook. Tap the food you want to cook - this shows the effect of the ingredients. Ingredients required - this is the list of the ingredients required (use cheat codes). Tap “next” to open the ingredient selection menu. Check the amount of ingredients you need for cooking. Tap the ingredients you have to select them. You can use the + and buttons to adjust the amount of food you want to cook. Of course, the amount of ingredients you need increases with the amount of food you want to cook. You can tap the max button to cook the maximum amount with the ingredients you have.
Take meat rice and go to the entrance of the Somur Mountains. It should be enough to appease the wolves! And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to capture one that’s a little more special.

Taming Master cheats, hack codes

You can play challenge stages once you’ve defeated the boss of the corresponding exploration stage. You can set your pets before heading into battle. Tap the pets you want to include and place them in the placement grid on the left. The number of pets you can include is determined by your leadership and team size. keep in mind that those stats will increase with your summoner level. Tap the pets you want to include and place them in the placement grid on the left. Pets placed here will be automatically summoned in these positions if you enable auto battle. Remember, high grade pet have more required XP.
You can earn contribution points by completing missions and use the points to learn summoner skills.
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The summoner’s guild is essential to becoming a great summoner. You can use the contribution points you’ve earned for the guild to learn summoner skills and purchase items from the guild. I’ll explain it in simple terms, so pay close attention.
Quests: this is where you can receive various missions from the guild. Upon successful completion of a quest after receiving it, you can earn special rewards along with contribution points.

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